VaxCertPH – How to get Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in the Philippines

VaxCertPH, the Philippines’ digital vaccine certificate system – through Resolution No. 146 is now accepting certificate requests for international and domestic use including travel. The VaxCertPH contains information including date and venue as when you got vaccinated, vaccine brand and QR Code.

For Philippines residents who have been fully vaccinated, here’s the process on how you can get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate:

How to get Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in the Philippines?

Step 1

Register online. Visit Note that the certificate’s validity starts 14 days after completing the registration.

Click Continue.

Step 2

Click the box that says “I have read and agreed to the Privacy Statement.” Then, click Continue.

Step 3

Select “YES” even though you’re not travelling abroad for now. The site is still on a pilot launched for OFW.

Step 4

After selecting YES, you will be asked of your Vaccination Status (Partially or Fully Vaccinated).

Step 5

Then you will be asked by a “Yes or No” question if you’re vaccinated more than 48 hours ago in any of your doses. Click “Next” button after.

Step 6

Next is you need to enter all requested information. Please ensure that your submitted details are correct and match the details on your vaccination card.

Step 7

Then you will ask to review your information. If the system is unable to locate your vaccination details, you can upload your vaccination card, valid ID, along with your e-mail address and contact information.

Step 7

Once the system has registered your data, you may proceed to obtain a copy of your VacCertPH by either downloading, printing, or taking a screen capture of the displayed QR code. The certificate looks like this.

That’s it guys! You can now use this VaxCert as part of your Travel Requirements locally and abroad.

Remember: Auntentic VaxCertPH has a secure QR code and can be verified by using the scan functionality at

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