Two Seasons Boracay – Sunset and Pizza with the Fam

Two Seasons Boracay

Boracay Island for me has one of the best sunsets in the Philippines. I might be exaggerating but that’s how I feel every time I spend time on the beach of Boracay and wait for the sun to set. What better way to experience it again than having your family with some cocktails and pizza?

Two Seasons Boracay

Today is our first full day on the Island of Boracay. We will be here for three more days to celebrate my father’s birthday. Yesterday we arrived pretty much a little late in the afternoon, we just ate a late lunch and rested after checking in at our hotel. I guess we got really tired from the travel because we all fell asleep and woke up at night for dinner. We didn’t get to see the sunset, what a bummer!

But today is a different story. After enjoying the beach the whole morning – swimming in Station 2, we plan to go to Willy’s Rock in Station 1 in the afternoon to see the sunset.

Willy's Rock Boracay

We stayed in our hotel after lunch because it was too hot outside. By the way, we are staying at La Carmela de Boracay Hotel at the end of Station 2 almost near Station 3. By 4 pm, we took an e-trike to Willy’s Rock in Station 1. The fare is Php 150 for the 7 of us. Walking along the beach is an option but we chose to ride the e-trike because we wanted to see the main road side of Boracay.

Book via AGODA -> La Carmela de Boracay Hotel

When we arrived a lot of people were already starting to go to the beach, I assume also waiting for the sunset. My sister was the one who really wanted to try the famous Four Cheese Pizza of barLO Resto Lounge in Two Seasons Boracay. It’s a 3 minutes beach walk from Willy’s Rock.

Two Seasons Experience

The beachfront location, food, and sunset views were really those that got me. The waiter asked us to wait if we wanted because they were at full capacity – which we didn’t mind. We left our contact number and stayed at the beach. After 30 minutes, around 5 pm, we finally got the call informing us that we can now dine.

I now understand why most tourists recommend Two Seasons. The staff were incredibly attentive, and the food was delicious. The delectable four-cheese pizza that comes with blue, cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese was an absolute hit.

My father got two shots of brandy. I got a Piña Colada while my sister got a Frozen Margarita. Aside from the famous Pizza, we also got Pancit Canton, Shanghai Rolls, Fish ‘n Chips, and Halo-Halo. This was supposed to be a late snack but we got full to the point where we didn’t are dinner after. Highly recommended for a satisfying dining experience!

Look how pretty the sunset is. We enjoy walking along the beach from here going back to Station 2. I will end this blog here, so if you visit Boracay make sure to try Two Seasons.

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