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Travel Authority or Travel Pass Requirements for LSI

Travel Authority Requirements for LSI

Travel Authority or Travel Pass Requirements for LSI will be the focus of this blog. LSI or ‘Locally stranded individuals (LSI)’ are only those with families in receiving provinces.

A little back-story. My sister and I have been working here in Manila right after we graduate. But we were originally from Samar Province. Our company allowed us to Work-from-Home so we decided to go back to Samar in the meantime. While checking for the needed documents/requirements in traveling, I was overwhelmed with the available information online (not complaining though). We don’t know where to start and the right information for us. So, I decided to share with you a simple guide based on our experience in case we are in the same situation and hope it will help you even in a little way.

Travel Authority or Travel Pass Requirements for LSI


Purpose: To secure Acceptance Letter

The first thing we did before booking a flight is that we get in touch with the LGU (your destination) to see if they are already accepting LSI/travelers. Our municipal government issued us an ACCEPTANCE LETTER. We had it sent to us via email. You can also request your relative to ask for it and sent it to you online.


Purpose: To know your Barangay’s procedure in getting Travel Authority and Travel Pass

Inform them that you are a locally stranded individual or LSI. And ask for the process on how to get Travel Authority or Travel Pass. They will direct you to the Municipal or Baranggay Health Center.


Purpose: To Secure Medical Clearance Certificate

How and where to get Medical Clearance for Travel Authority?

In our case, we went to Brgy. Malamig Health Office in Mandaluyong City. We were given three options before they issue Medical Clearance. This is to prove that the traveler has no COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days prior to the travel date.

  1. Register and complete a 14 days home quarantine. (Not an option for us because our flight is already 4 days when we visited the Health Center.
  2. Present a Third-Party Rapid Test or Swab Test Negative result. (If you choose to submit a third part result, you need to present it to your Municipal or Baranggay Health Centers within its validity – only 14 days) This cost Php 700 to Php 2500.
  3. Undergo Rapid Test in the Health Center. Wait for the result in just a minute. If Negative, they can issue Medical Clearance right away. This cost Php 700 per individual. It might differ from your Health Centers.

Purpose: To apply for Travel Authority or Travel Pass

How and where to get Travel Authority or Travel Pass?

Look for Local Taskforce for Covid-19 for application.

Prepare the following:

Medical Certificate, Filed up Travel Authority Form, and a copy of your Acceptance Letter.

Once you have it, submit it to the help desk of the appropriate police office. You can get your Travel Authority after 3-5 working days. (For more information, those interested can call Mandaluyong City Public Information Office at 8533-2225 or send an email to travelpass@mandaluyong.gov.ph.)

If you’re also from Mandaluyong City like us. This is where you will go.

Go to this White Building -Police Office. This is also where they apply for Police Clearance.

Then go inside this room for the application process. The person in charge will review your documents.

Get your Travel Authority Form to this guy and pay for Php 2.00. If you’re travelling as a family, you can have 1 form and apply in a group.

Submit the application form, a copy of your acceptance letter, and copy of your valid IDs. Then they will advise you as to when you will get your travel authority pass. We went back after 3 days and was directed to this building to claim.

We now have our needed documents to travel. Acceptance Letter and Travel Authority. We presented it to the airline upon boarding the plane. Also, just keep a copy of your Medical Clearance Certificate because they are also checking it upon check-in .

Important Reminder:

If you don’t want to pay for the rapid test, you can register for 14 days home quarantine. To be honest, if I only knew beforehand. I will go 14 days prior to me getting the Medical Certificate.

Remember that when you’re cleared to travel, always put on a face mask and face shield. Observe health protocols like physical distancing to avoid contacting or transmitting the coronavirus.

For more information, check out Airlines travel guide:

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