TOPS Lookout in Cebu: Where the Sky Meets the City

Tops cebu itinerary guide

If you’re looking for a place in Cebu that offers breathtaking panoramic views, a serene atmosphere, and a perfect spot for both sunrise and sunset, then Tops Lookout is a must-visit destination. Perched high above the bustling city, Tops provides visitors with a unique vantage point to take in the stunning landscapes of Cebu City, Mactan Island, and beyond. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, Tops is the ideal spot to unwind and soak in the beauty of Cebu from above.

TOPS Cebu – Panoramic Views:

During our 11-hour layover in Cebu before our next flight back to Calbayog City in Samar, we decided to make the most of our time by exploring the area. After renting a car, the friendly woman at the rental service recommended a visit to Tops Lookout. Intrigued by her suggestion, we set off on an impromptu adventure to experience one of Cebu’s most iconic viewpoints.

It’s relatively easy to reach Tops from Cebu City, either by car or motorbike. The journey itself can be quite scenic, especially as you ascend the hills. If you are using a private car, download WAZE and Pin Tops Lookout. From the airport, it took us good 45 minutes to get there. It is also worth mentioning that they have a huge parking space with a PHP 100 parking fee.

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By Car or Taxi

  1. From Cebu City:
    • Start from Cebu City proper.
    • Head to Cebu Transcentral Highway.
    • Continue driving up the mountain until you reach Tops. The journey typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. Using Ride-Hailing Services:
    • You can book a Grab or a taxi. Inform the driver that you’re heading to “Tops Lookout” or simply “Tops.”
    • Ensure the driver is familiar with the route up the Transcentral Highway.

By Motorcycle

  1. Rent a Motorcycle:
    • If you are comfortable riding a motorcycle, you can rent one from various rental shops in Cebu City.
    • Follow the same route via the Cebu Transcentral Highway.
  2. Habal-Habal (Motorcycle Taxi):
    • You can hire a habal-habal from JY Square in Lahug. The drivers are usually familiar with the route and can take you directly to Tops.
    • Negotiate the fare beforehand. It typically costs between PHP 100 to 200 per person, one way.


The most popular way to go is by riding the TOPS BUS. Their bus route is IT Park Transport Terminal to Tops and vice versa. The first Trip leaves at 10 AM and the last bus leaves at 3 AM. The fee is PHP 200 including the entrance fee.

Because the parking space is a little bit far from the main entrance, Papa dropped us off first before he parked the car. We waited for him outside the entrance so I was able to notice and take a good look at this stone archway that hints at the rustic charm and natural beauty of the location.

A modest gate stands ready to welcome visitors, with a small ticket booth nearby where you can pay the entrance fee of PHP 100 each. The architecture around the entrance is simple yet charming, with stone walls and pathways that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Beyond the gate, a winding path leads you upwards, promising the breathtaking views that await at the top.

When we stepped inside Tops Lookout, I was immediately captivated by the place. The area is expansive, offering plenty of space to explore and unwind. Numerous restaurants and food stalls are scattered throughout, providing a variety of dining options to suit every palate. Groups of friends and families were gathered around, enjoying picnics, lively conversations, and the serene environment. The highlight of the visit was the viewpoint, where most people congregated to marvel at the breathtaking panorama of the city lights twinkling below. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of wonder and relaxation, making it a memorable experience. I’m truly glad we took the recommendation to visit Tops, as it added a magical touch to our layover in Cebu.


For those who wish to bring their furbabies with them to Tops, the good news is that they are very most welcome! The management only advised that furbabies should wear diapers and fur parents must clean up after them.


Entrance Fee: P100

Operating hours: 24 Hours 

To close this blog, I am encouraging you to pack your camera, grab some friends or family, and make your way to Tops Lookout—you won’t regret it. Until next time, may your travels be filled with scenic views and unforgettable moments.

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