Nights in Rodanthe Book Review – Nicholas Sparks

Nights in Rodanthe Nicholas Sparks

Nights in Rodanthe is another bitter-sweet story from Nicholas Sparks – A romantic love story novel in September 2002. 

Unlike any other novels that I read, Nights in Rodanthe’s main characters are two middle-aged people. What I mean by that, is that it’s not the typical young people who fell in love with each other. At first, I honestly don’t know if I will continue reading it. Well, I’m glad – I did.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

The story is about two adults who met in the not-so-good state of their lives and eventually found love in each other. Adrienne Willis a divorced woman (left by her husband for a younger woman) met a doctor Paul Flanner in the North Carolina coastal town of Rodanthe while she was attending her friend’s Inn for the weekend. As the story goes, Paul stayed in the hotel for a short period of time before he heads to his son in Ecuador. What they had was a short, intense, and secret affair that she treasured for the rest of her life. After 15 years, to help her daughter cope with his husband’s death, Adrienne told her about this life-changing affair she had with Paul.

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My thoughts:

I love the book. Even though this made me cry so hard – I still like the book. 

The character’s backstories were the key as to why they considered their love story as their redemption. The story also made me realize that there’s no right time for love – you can have it when you’re young or when you’re an adult already. It doesn’t mean that because you came up with a dark past or a bad relationship you don’t deserve love anymore.

Adrienne’s character can tell us that – everyone has their own battle to face. A person who’s not crying out loud – isn’t hurting. Behind someone’s brave face is a battle they won or still fighting.

Paul’s character can teach us to value our families and relationships. Don’t focus too much on money and career – well it’s not bad to have all of these but make sure to set your priorities. When he decided to leave his work and go to his son to save their relationship – is an eye-opener that we need to make an effort to amend something. Make an effort, and have some time. 

There is a lot of good take on the book. I didn’t regret reading it. 

In 2018, Nights in Rodanthe debuted on the big screen starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. 

If you want a book that ends happily? This isn’t for you! But I dare you to read it. It’s worth it.
But if you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks like me, well you need to read this!

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