The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: BOOK REVIEW

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown-Book Review

The Lost Symbol is a novel written by the American writer Dan Brown in the year 2009. The book is a thriller-mystery story mostly about symbology, Freemasonry, and ancient mystery. It is the 3rd book in the Robert Langdon Series following Angels and Demons in 2000 and the famous Da Vinci Code in the year 2003. However, there’s no need for you to read the other books in chronological order because they are all stand-alone books.

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The Lost Symbol Non-Spoiler Summary:

The story started when Robert Langdon a Harvard professor was invited by his good friend Peter Solomon to come to the US Capitol in Washington to give a lecture. When he gets there unexpected things happened. He realized that he was fooled/ manipulated into coming to the Capitol and that his friend Peter was actually in danger. A series of events took place when he was in the Capitol and he ends up being involved with the CIA, Freemasons, and a lot more in order to save his friend Peter.

What do I like about the book?

I enjoyed the book so much. It was really thrilling. The plot was twisting to other unexpected events. Plus, if you’re a Dan Brown fan you’ll notice how he connects literature, history, landmarks, religion, and science facts to his fictional works. You’ll observe a lot of that in this book. It was very cool, to be honest. Fascinating also.

Another thing I like is how this book presented the POV of the antagonist. The way he thinks, plans, and the way he executes the things he does. He’s very interesting but at the same time very weird. I guess that’s really what happens in real life. You can get all the richness in the world but if you won’t find your purpose for living, all things will be meaningless to you.

After reading the book, it made me want to visit the main place in the story – Washington D.C. The subway station, the main landmarks, the Capitol…I hope someday! I really wanted to see those. I guess I have to save a lot of money for me to visit one day. 🙏

What I don’t like about the book?

Well, the information on the book is overwhelming. There were times when I have to stop to process it and read it over again. It was like I enjoyed their journey more toward the end than what they actually came up.

Anyway, I enjoyed my whole experience while reading it. This is definitely another Dan Brown masterpiece.

I’ve been looking for a copy of this book for so long here in the Philippines but all the bookstores are out of stock. And because of our recent situation, I wasn’t able to inquire or go to other stores to check. But this year, I am so happy when my best friend gave me this as a birthday present and delivered it to our house. Thank you, Joy and Ivann.😍 I really appreciate the effort. Perks of having the best of friends.

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