The Island Nature Spring – Resort Owned by Michelle Fox

The Island Nature Spring San Jorge Samar

The Island Nature Spring is located in Blanca Aurora San Jorge Samar.

I have watched the YouTube video of Vlogger-comedian Michelle Fox, a.k.a. Vavaeng Marangal where she features her newly opened nature park in Samar province – particularly in the municipality of San Jorge. The park is surrounded by seven mini waterfalls. Perfect for camping, picnics, and swimming in crystal clear cold spring water.

Knowing that this nature park is owned by a famous vlogger made us want to check it out. But to be honest, the real deal for me is, that it is pet-friendly – that is the main driving force for me to go and visit.

This is our family’s fur baby Loki and his friend Molly. We will let you know the things you need to know as you plan your trip here.

The Island Nature Spring

 How To Get There:

It will be a little challenging if you are planning to commute. The buses or vans from Calbayog or Catbalogan will only stop at San Jorge proper. From there, you need to take habal-habal or motorcycle to go to the resort. If you decide to take this option make sure you inform the habal-habal driver to pick you up after otherwise, it will be difficult to get a ride back to the main road.

We went here via motorcycle from Santa Margarita and it took us 40 minutes. Here is their Google Maps directions:

The ride from the main highway of San Jorge to the Island Nature Spring is a little bumpy. The first section is a cemented pathway that eventually turns into muddy path holes. A 4×4 vehicle is ideal but a normal car will do.

The Island Nature Spring Rates

Right after we arrived, we immediately paid for the Day Tour Entrance fee and Nipa Cottage rent. They also offer rattan tables and chairs, picnic mats with umbrellas, camping hammocks, and camping tents. This nature park requires NO RESERVATION. Walk-ins are allowed just like what we did because they have a First Come First Served policy and are subject to availability.

The NEWEST Nipa Hut
₱2,000 for overnight stay good for 2 pax only. With free breakfast.

₱20 – Day Tour Entrance Fee
₱100 – Overnight Camper Fee
₱150 – Picnic Mat with Umbrella
₱300 – Tables & Chairs with Umbrella
₱350 – Nipa Cottage

What to expect:

This is the entrance to the park. From here, I can already feel the natural vibe of this place. We crossed a wooden bridge to enter this wide campsite that could also be a picnic ground.

Campsite and Picnic Ground

This wide grassland area is where our dog Loki enjoys a lot. He zooms and rolls like crazy here. It is so hard to find a resort that allows pets nowadays, so I am glad this exists. A place to chill and relax with our fur babies. A little reminder for those who will bring their pets – please be a responsible pet owner. Make sure you keep an eye on your dogs all the time in public places like this. You know the drill if they poo – don’t just leave it.

Nipa Cottages and Nipa Hut
We chose the Nipa Cottage near the swimming area. The sound of the water splashing is amazing and excites us into taking a dip in this cold, refreshing water that comes from a cave in a forest nearby. We don’t have a waterproof camera to show how much we enjoyed the swing we used to jump in the water. Like the Tarzan rope in Siquijor – something like that but a little smaller. It is so much fun.

The cold water is perfect to beat the summer heat. This Hammock tucked between trees provides shade from the sun that creates a refreshing wind breeze.

We got hungry after we explored the area and swam in the water. Good thing, we bought our own food. They have no corkage fee for food and drinks so bringing food is allowed though their Island Bar has silog meals, a variety of drinks, and even ice available. Having said that, if you spontaneously go here without preparing food – it’s fine!

I observed that there are areas that are still under construction and I am looking forward to it. Our overall stay is great. I enjoy it so does our dog – Loki. We will definitely come back with Luna and Levy. We spent our whole day here and left before 5 p.m.

The Island Nature Spring
Address: Blanca Aurora San Jorge Samar

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