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Tappiya Falls – Behold to this Majestic Falls in Batad

Tappiya Falls

Tappiya Falls (DIY GUIDE): What to See, How to Get There

To celebrate a friend’s birthday we decided to travel – basically look for an adventure and immersion in a rustic destination. This time, we set out to explore Banaue and Sagada in one epic trip. First on the list is to check out Batad – a barangay in Banaue, home of the internationally-famed Batad Rice Terraces and Tappiya Falls.

How to go to Tappiya Falls

To get to Tappiya Falls, you need to take a bus bound for Banaue first.

  1. From Cubao or Sampaloc in Manila, take a bus bound for Banaue. There are two bus lines that go directly to Banaue: Coda Lines and Ohayami Trans. Travel time is about 9 hours. The bus fare will be around Php 850 to Php 1200. You can also book online via Klook – Manila to Banaue P2P Bus Ticket (Deluxe/Super Deluxe) book via 12Go –From Manila to Benguet
  2. Upon arrival at the Banaue bus terminal, you can take a tricycle to your hotel or you can start your tour right away. The Banaue Rice Terraces can be viewed directly from the roadsides and view deck.
    Going to Batad:
  3. From Banaue proper, you can take either a passenger or private jeepney to Saddle point. The jeepney between Banaue and Batad runs approximately once or twice a day, but not at the same time. It means you simply have to walk around and ask the locals what is the schedule for today. The cost of the jeepney was PHP 50 per person. Most tourists spend a night at Banaue in case they missed the jeep available for the day.
  4. Once at the Saddle, hike down into the village of Batad.

In case there is no public jeepney, and you do not want to wait, you have three options.

You can either rent a private jeepney, which is an expensive option, around 2500 PHP (you can try to gather more tourists wanting to get to Batad the same day), or rent a tricycle which will take you to Batad Saddle for PHP 500 (a tricycle can fit two to three people depending on how much luggage you have), or the last option is to take a public jeepney to Bangaan, get off at Batad Junction, and from here walk (it is three kilometers grueling uphill climb and then three kilometers downhill walk, so think it twice).

On your way back from Batad to Banaue, wait for the jeepney

In Batad Village, we registered at a local booth and paid Php 50 per person for the barangay fee.

On the Trail to Tappiya Falls

As we reached Batad village, we were greeted with a beautiful view of the world-acclaimed Batad Rice Terraces. It is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is so amazing to see green everywhere. The people in Batad are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

Because we arrived early in the morning, I and my friends decided to take the trail to Batad Rice Terraces first and then to Tappiya Falls afterward. They have the same jump-off and trail so it’s possible, most tourists actually are doing the Batad Rice Terraces-Tappiya Falls combined day tour. We will do the same and head to Sagada the day after. We were so excited to start our adventure – explore the rice terraces, and take a plunge at the waterfalls. Basically, experience the beauty of Batad. We left our bags in a homestay where we checked in and proceeded with the trek.

The trek was no easy one. It was tiring and being under the direct heat of the sun with no tree cover is an added struggle. From Ramon’s homestay, we followed a downward and steep concrete pathway until we reach the base of Batad Rice Terraces. The steps are quite steep, so even though it might not be a long walk, it certainly is a difficult one. 

After passing through the rice terraces, we continued to a traversed steep part of the mountain all the way to the river where Tappiya Falls is located. We found this store along the way and we immediately head inside to get the shade away from the sun. They sell snacks, soda drinks, and coconut juice. Souvenir items are also for sale.

At this point, I could already feel my feet and joints aching. Good thing, after almost 40 minutes of hiking, we finally caught a view of Tappiya Falls. It’s one of the best waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

Tappiya Falls

The view is very rewarding. We were so excited to take a dip. A perfect spot for a swim after a long hot day trekking through rice terraces.

The falls were gorgeous and the water was super cold as in icy cold. But don’t worry if it’s too cold for you can enjoy it from the rocky shallow part. We had so much fun here. Just a reminder, the water current is so strong as you get near the falls, avoid going into the deeper parts of the pool.

Tappiya Falls

Prepare yourself physically when planning to visit Tappiya Falls. Take note. it’s a long and winding way to reach it from the jump-off points. This is definitely one of my favorite waterfalls of all time!

Where to Stay in Batad Ifugao?

There are several homestays where you can stay in Batad Ifugao. The rate ranges from Php 300 to Php 500 per person per night. Most of these homestays provide meals and snacks and offer a view of Batad Rice Terraces.

We stayed at Ramon’s homestays which offer basic amenities, you’ll really experience the simplicity of rural life here.

Here is a list of homestays in Batad Ifugao.

Tips and Reminders:
  1. Bring enough cash as there is no ATM in Batad village.
  2. Respect local customs and traditions.
  3. Leave No Trace, please.
  4. Make use of organic soaps and shampoos when bathing in Tappiya Falls.


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Have you been to Ifugao already? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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