Tanay Rizal is one of the best day trip destinations from the metro. It’s only 2 hours away and so it’s very accessible. The best part is, it only cost us less than Php 1,000. Here are the places included in our trip.

1. Treasure Mountain
2. Kawa Bath
3. Calinawan Cave
4. Daranak Falls
5. Pililla Windmill

They say that everyone needs someone who will call and say: “Get dressed, we’re going on an adventure“. That is so true and I am happy I have an amazing squad who also loves adventures. So, when one of my friends asked who wanted to join her Tanay day tour, I was one of those who said, “Count me in“. 😂 Certified lakwatsera here. 😎

The original plan was to visit Treasure Mountain alone, but since we found out that there are also other places in Rizal that we can visit in just 1 day, we came up with a Tanay day tour itinerary. We decided to go with a travel tour package we found on Facebook amounting to Php 999 each.


Sea of Clouds – this is the main reason why I wanted to visit Treasure mountain. Unluckily, we weren’t able to witness it, but we did enjoy the sunrise and the pictures-view of the mountain top.

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Treasure Mountain


I always wanted to go to Antique so I could experience Kawa Bath, good thing they already have it in Rizal.

Read here to know more about it and the rates: El Patio Razon Kawa Bath, Tanay Rizal | Travel Guide

kawa bath


We already tried Lumiang Sumaguing Cave Connection in Sagada, but Calinawan Cave is a different experience. We were amazed by the stalagmites, stalactites, and different rock formations inside the cave. This is also where they shot some of the scenes in La Luna Sangre, Bagani, Ang Probinsyano, and a lot more.

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Our next stop is Daranak falls. Swimming time it is. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the falls because I got excited and went swimming right away. Plus, there are a lot of people when we visit. We have the option to go to Bagtag Falls(private falls) but we opted to stay in Daranak Falls.


I never thought I could see windmills near the Metro, aside from the famous windmills in Ilocos and Guimaras. 😍


Tanay Rizal Day Tour Itinerary:

3:00 AM : Pick up at Mcdo Quezon Ave.
4:30 AM: ETD Treasure Mountain
5:00 AM – 7:00 AM: Registration, Chasing Sea of Clouds, Picture taking
7:30 AM : ETA Kawa Hot Bath
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM – ETD Kawa Hot Bath, Picture taking
10:15 AM : ETA Calinawan Cave
11:30 AM – ETD Calinawan Cave
12:30 AM – Lunch
1:00 PM – ETA Daranak Falls
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM: ETD Daranak Falls, swimming, picture taking
3:10 PM: ETA Windmill
4:30 PM: ETD Windmill, sightseeing, picture taking
5:30 PM: ETD Manila
7:30 PM: ETA Manila

How to get to Tanay, Rizal

From EDSA, it takes about 2 hours to get to Tanay, Rizal.

  • From EDSA Shaw, head to the terminal in front of Starmall and ride a van to Tanay (P70 per person). Alternatively, you may also ride a jeep (about P50 per person).

How to get around

If you know your way around Tanay, you can commute via jeepney to your destination. You can also charter a tricycle for the tour. Head to the public market or supermarket and look for the tricycle lines. However, it may be challenging to find a driver that will take you to different destinations especially since some of them are quite far (e.g., Pililla Windmills is not part of Tanay, but Pililla municipality).

So for me, the best way to explore different destinations in Tanay is by private car.

Budget and expenses

Here are the current rates of the destinations:

  • Calinawan Cave: Entrance fee – P20 per person / Guide fee – P200
  • Daranak Falls: Entrance fee – P50 per person, kids below 3 feet are free of charge / Picnic shed – P300/picnic table – P200
  • Batlag Falls: Entrance fee – P100 per person / Picnic table – P250
  • Treasure Mountain: Entrance fee – P150 per person
  • El Patio Razon: Entrance fee – P120 per person / kawa hot bath – P300 per person/hour
  • Pilillia WindmillsRegina Rica: None

There are also travel agencies offering convenient day trips in Tanay for around P999 per person which is for me the best way and hassle fee.

Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need to have is a will and great friends. 😘

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