Taipei Taiwan Itinerary and Travel Guide : Day 1

taiwan itinerary

Taipei Taiwan itinerary

Taiwan has been on our bucket list ever since it opened its doors to Philippine passport holders. Meaning, Filipinos could enjoy visa-free entry to Taiwan for up to 14 days.

Here’s my 4-day Taiwan itinerary with places to visit, tips, practical information, and additional ideas for shorter and longer itineraries.

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DAY 1: Taiwan Blog Day 1: North Coast Tour (Yehliu Geopark, Juifen, and Shifen)
DAY 2: Taiwan Blog Day 2: Taichung – Shilin Night Market
DAY 3: Taiwan Day 3: Meteor Garden Filming Location – Ying De University
DAY 4: Taiwan Day 4: Taipei Tour

Where to stay in Taiwan?

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Here’s how we spent our first day in Taipei! We booked a Klook deal – Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Shuttle Bus from Ximen. The itinerary includes a tour guide, and provides round-trip pick-up and drop-off services from Taipei Main Station, making travel easy and convenient

First, Yehliu Geopark – It is full of seawater-eroded holes as well as different rock formations in the shape of mushrooms, candles, chessboards, ginger, a queen’s head, and a lot more.

Taipei Tawan itinerary
Yehliu Geopark
taiwan travel guide
Yehliu Geopark

YIN YANG SEA – A beautiful “natural” contrast – a mix of yellow and blue. Yellow from the runoff from mining that meets the blue ocean.

Taipei Tawan itinerary
Yin Yang Sea Taiwan

13 LAYERS REMAIN – These abandoned mining buildings turned out to be tourist spots.

13 layers remain in Taiwan

GOLDEN WATERFALLS – Nope! It doesn’t have gold. Its water contains a high level of toxicity due to its proximity to the nearby gold mining area. The color of it is a near gold color that’s why it is called Golden waterfall.

Golden waterfalls taiwan
Golden Waterfalls

JUIFEN OLD STREET – This is where we had our lunch. There are a lot of street foods, restaurants, and milk teas.

Taipei Tawan itinerary
Juifen Old Street

Suspension Bridge – Shifen Suspension Bridge

Taipei Tawan itinerary
Shifen Suspension Bridge

Waterfalls – Shifen Waterfalls

Shifen Water Fall

Old Street – Shifen Old Street

We paid 180 NTD for 4 colors lantern. Each color has a meaning. We chose Red, Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

We can’t show what we wrote in the other colors because it has our secret wishes. 🤣

Sky Lantern Taiwan

We had so much fun on our first day! Thanks, KlooK, and to our tour guide Ms. Kathy for the informative flow of the tour. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. So many spots we visited in just one day for a great value price!

To continue our Taipei Taiwan itinerary, click our day two blog below.

DAY 2: Taiwan Blog Day 2: Taichung – Shilin Night Market
DAY 3: Taiwan Day 3: Meteor Garden Filming Location – Ying De University
DAY 4: Taiwan Day 4: Taipei Tour

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