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Sandira Beach – A Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island, CEBU

Sandira Beach Bantayan Cebu

Sandira Beach also known as Paradise Beach is located in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Northern Cebu — approx. 4-5 hours away from Cebu City with a ferry ride.

How much is the entrance fee to Sandira Beach Bantayan?
  • Entrance fee: P70 (adults), P30 (kids)
  • Opening hours: 7 AM – 5:30 PM daily
How to go to Sandira Beach?

BY TRICYCLE: From Santa Fe Port, or Kota Beach, even at your accommodation, you will find tricycle drivers offering a land tour to Santa Fe Bantayan tourists spots that includes a trip to Sandira Beach for Php 600 per tricycle that can accommodate up to 3 pax.

BY BIKES/MOTORCYCLES or SCOOTERS: Most accommodations in Bantayan Island offers bikes for rent or scooters for rent. The bike rental fee is P100 to P150 per day while Motorcycle/Scooters Rental Fee is P300 to P350 per day with two helmets and P50 gas. The ride is about 20 minutes.

Contact 09302956221 for motorcycle rental or land tour.

Sandira Beach Paradise, Bantayan

When we arrived at Santa Fe Port, we hop on a tricycle to go to our accommodation. The driver was very welcoming and accommodating. He offered a land tour for P600, but we declined and asked if he knows where we can rent a motorcycle instead. We were able to rent one for P300 per day with two helmets. That is what we used in going to Sandira Beach.

Contact 09302956221 for motorcycle rental or land tour.

From our accommodation, I used google maps and pin “Sandira Beach”. It shows the path we need to follow. But as you can see on the map, it leads us to Paradise Beach Campsite.

Paradise Beach Campsite is different from Sandira Beach. They were neighbors and has their own entrance fee. It was a 5 to 10 minutes rough, rocky, and inclined road. I had to get off the motorcycle and help in pushing it up. It was intense. The road is in a very bad condition.

When we arrived there were only a few visitors which was strange because it is one of the touristy areas on the island plus it was a Saturday. We asked a local in the reception area, and we were told that Sandira is on the next beachside. We can already see it but we can’t really go there unless we will jump off a cliff, which is not a good idea. So, if you are not going to camp here, don’t waste time like we did. Sandira Beach is located on the next left turn from what is shown on the map. Your landmark would be this sign shown in the picture below.

From here, there’s another 5-minute rocky road but still manageable. When we arrived at Sandira Beach, there is a small tourist office where we pay the 70 pesos entrance fee before continuing down to the beach.

There is a small sari-sari store that sells snacks, drinks, and other small items that you can purchase to take down with you to the beach and potentially have a picnic along the shoreline. They have bathrooms as well.

The cottages were destroyed by the past typhoons so make sure to bring something that can protect you from the direct heat of the sun. 

It’s a long strip of white, mostly powdery sand with shallow, calm waters. We managed to set up a little picnic spot for us just between two big rocks.

The water counts with lots of seagrasses and looks a bit greenish and then blueish on the deeper part. I had so much fun swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. We stayed for 3 hours before going to our next destination.

Surely, a day of getting around and enjoying Bantayan is a little bit tiring. End it by dipping into the waters of Sandira Beach. It will never disappoint you. Trust me.


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