SAN ANTONIO, NORTHERN SAMAR is an Island known for its beautiful beaches. Many locals and even tourists won’t want to disregard this destination as part of their Northern Samar itinerary.


Either from Catarman or from Calbayog city, take a van or bus going to the municipality of San Isidro, N. Samar, or Victoria (1-2 hours travel time). You may drop by Barangay Buenavista and take a motorboat bound for the Island of San Antonio (20-30 min travel time). They always have available boats at the port.

You can’t bring cars to the Island. We parked our car at the San Isidro boat terminal with a parking fee of course. They will also look after your car until you come back. You will see a lot of cars parked by tourists.

Me and my family have been here a couple of times and we are never disappointed by the beauty of the Island. It is really a paradise. As we approached it during the boat ride, we could see the extremely clean and clear sea bed as the sea waters vary from hues of cyan, turquoise, and electric blue.

Upon arriving at the terminal, we pay Php25.00 for an environment/entrance fee per head. There are tricycle drivers in the terminal who are offering a ride to your resort of choice for Php20.00 per head.

What I truly like about the Island is its authentic province type of feel. You won’t see cars. The transportation they use is a motorcycle or tricycle. Most of the accommodations, don’t have wifi and you have to rely on an intermittent cellular signal. A perfect place to unwind and disconnect from the buzz of life for a while and really enjoy the sun and the beach. Look at this beautiful road.

San Antonio, Northern Samar Resorts:

There is a lot of accommodation or resort to choose from on this island. The tricycle drivers at the terminal can even suggest one. When we are here we often stay at Ada’s Garden Resort, Crystal Beach Resort, and Lagbangan Resort. You can secure a book on AGODA. Please use the link below.

AGODA → Check Rates & Availability

During our last visit, we stayed at Lagbangan Beach Resort. We checked in at the resort at 2 p.m. We stayed at their beachfront villa. It has a complete fully furnished air-conditioned room with a comfortable king-size bed and an extra bed. We paid Php3500 for one night. The link above is available below in case you want to contact them to inquire. Here’s my brother in front of our villa enjoying the sunset and his Hawaiian polo. 😎


Staying on the island is best for family and “barkada” getaway. There are a lot of things to do so you will never get bored. Staying on the sand with the ocean view alone is so satisfying. Plus you can either stay at your cottage, try their floating cottage, or do some exciting activities. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, jetskiing, kayaking, or rent a motorcycle or bike and roam around the Island.


May I also remind you that there’s a limited store on the Island so much better if you bring food with you and the things you need. Not all resort has their own restaurant. We usually bring with us portable cookware where we can cook rice and other meals. You can also go to their markets for fresh fish.


Please note that rates might change because of the pandemic. If you can bring an extra would be safe. Rates below are already during the pandemic but still, it might vary.

Van from Calbayog to San Isidro – Php 150.00

Boat Ride to San Antonio – Php 100.00

Environmental Fee – Php25.00

Tricycle to the resort – Php 50.00 for each person

Resort Accommodation – Php 3500

I really enjoy our every visit. I hope this simple guide can simply give you an idea of what to expect when you decide to visit the island.

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One thought on “SAN ANTONIO, NORTHERN SAMAR – Travel Guide

  1. Really a good location for unwinding, especially for workers, OFWs, and family.
    The pictures on the environment are very local in contrast to hectic life in Manila, very refreshing with a clear and pure air and with no sign of pollution, The sand and waters are charming and inviting – how nice to swim and walk in the sand.

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