Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

Puerto Galera is located in the northern part of Mindoro Oriental. It is a province in Region IV-B MIMAROPA (short for the provinces Mindoro Oriental and Occidental, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan) of the Philippines’ archipelago.

People go here over the weekend because it is accessible and way cheaper than going to other beach destinations of the Philippines like Boracay or Palawan. Here’s our travel log to one of the most visited summer destinations in Luzon.

Puerto Galera: How to go?

Manila to Puerto Galera
  1. Ride a bus in Alabang Starmall or LRT Buendia going to Batangas Pier. The fare is Php 168.00 and the trip might take more or less two hours.
  2. From Batangas Port, take a ferry to Puerto Galera Port. The fare is Php 275.00 one way and Php 500.00 for a roundtrip. There’s also a Php 30.00 Terminal fee at Batangas Port.
  3. Ride Tricycle from Batangas Port to your accommodation. I suggest selecting a hotel near White Beach.

Remember in Batangas Pier, go straight to the ticketing counters. Do not talk to scalpers to avoid scams. Another good option is to book Manila to Puerto Galera Ferry and Bus Tickets (Round Trip and One Way) through Klook.

Getting Around

Rent a Tricycle or a scooter that could bring you from one place to another. They also have jeepneys.

What do Do in Puerto Galera?

1. Partying at Night is really famous in Puerto Galera
2. White Beach
3. Talipan Falls and Aninuan Falls
4. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving
5. Island Hopping

Puerto Galera Itinerary:

It’s been 3 months since the last time that we went to a beach. We are really excited about this trip. The squad isn’t complete but we were able to come up with a group of seven – Jin, Cath, Ivann, Joy, Jhulie, May, and me.

Here are the places we visited. This is a free-flowing and DIY Puerto Galera itinerary.

Day 1: Island Hopping

On our first day, we decided to go on Island Hopping. We rented a boat for Php 1500.00 for our group. Destinations are Boquete Island, San Antonio Island, Haligi Beach, Banayan Beach, and Coral Garden.

Before proceeding with the tours, make sure to confirm the activities/itinerary and the rates from the tour guide.

Puerto Galera

I super enjoy the Coral Garden – a popular spot where we can feed the fish with pieces of bread.

Puerto Galera itinerary

After the island hopping, since we are not yet tired, we go on swimming and walk along the beach. 

Day 2: Water Activities / NightLife

We spent our 2nd day at White Beach. We tried water activities such as Tornado and Flying Fish. If you also want an adrenaline rush, try some of these water rides. Best enjoyed as part of a group. Here are the rates:

  • Unicorn: P2,500, good for 10 pax
  • King Cobra: P2,500, good for 10 pax
  • Flying Saucer: P2,000, good for 6 pax
  • Fly Fish: P1,500, goof for 3 pax
  • Jetski: P2,000 per 15 minutes
Puerto Galera itinerary

Riding this Tornado is the most intense water activity that we’ve tried. There are a lot of times when I almost slipped going off to the water. It was really fun.

Puerto Galera diy itinerary

During the night, there are lots of restaurants along White Beach for your dinner. Fire dancers start at around 8-9 pm, you can watch while eating. There are also comedy stage performances that will surely make you laugh as you watch them perform.

Day 3: White Beach

Chill in at the beach. You can check other beaches in Puerto Galera like Aplaya Munti Beach and Bulabod Beach. We stayed at White Beach on our third day and went swimming all day. We enjoyed its fine creamy sand. There are restaurants and bars along the beach. White beach gets crowded and noisy most of the time.

Puerto Galera Hotels/ Accommodation:

We availed the room which can accommodate us all, 7 persons. We chose the one near White Beach. It costs us Php 1,500/night, 1 wide room with 2 beds and 2 mattress beds with a TV, aircon, and bathroom.

I appreciate that the owner let us cook in their rooftop area. We just bought grocery supplies in their market – which is just a walking distance from White beach.

Travel Tip: If you want a less crowded view of Puerto Galera, go there during the off-peak season.

3 Days 2 Nights DIY Puerto Galera Itinerary

DAY 1:
✔Island Hopping (San Antonio Long Beach, Virgin Beach, Sandbar, Snorkeling at the giant clams’ area)
✔Aninuan Falls (optional)
✔Back to White beach for sunset
✔Night life
DAY 2:
✔Water Activities
✔Visit other beaches Aplaya Munti Beach/Bulabod Beach if you want
✔Night Life
DAY 3:
✔You can visit Mangyan Village or like us stays at White Beach

puerto galera itinerary

This is the end of our travel log. It was an enjoyable trip because I was able to spend it with my friends. ❤

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