Trekking PONGAS FALLS of Sagada Mountain Province

Pongas Falls Sagada

Pongas Falls is known also as the Twin Falls in Sagada, although there are a total of 7 mini falls in this area. We are doing a back-to-back waterfalls adventure that day so, right after we enjoyed Bomod-ok Falls we head here directly…still wearing our wet clothes.

Pongas Falls and Bomod-ok Falls both are amazing waterfalls, probably the same in the height but the difference is that Pongas Falls is a number of smaller cascades rather than one big one of the latter.

How to go to Pongas Falls?

Ride a bus ➡ Manila to Sagada

From Sagada town proper, we register at their Tourism Office and pay for the P50 environmental fee. Van rental costs P650 and the guide fee is P600 for a group of a maximum of 10 persons.

The van dropped us off in Ankileng Village which is the starting point of the hike. The ride to Ankileng takes more or less 20 minutes. There is also a P10 entrance fee in the village before going to Pongas waterfalls. Then, they asked us to show the official receipt of the P50 we paid earlier in the town proper. Then that’s it…we are off to start!

Pongas Falls

The trek took us 45 minutes to one hour to reach the waterfalls. The start is an easy-hanging bridge that gives us an amazing view of the village and the rice terraces in the area. Then it became a little more challenging as we passed through some rocky trails and cliff edges. There is also no established trail yet in some parts, especially near the waterfalls, so reaching it requires a little courage and extra care, especially when traversing the narrow edges of the cliff.

But Pongas Falls is worth the hard trek. Upon seeing Pongas Falls for the very first time, I could not help but shout in sheer amazement. We enjoyed swimming in its cold water. It was so refreshing.

Hiking Pongas waterfalls in Sagada was an amazing experience.

Pongas Falls


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