Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet – Travel Guide

Northern Blossom Benguet Baguio travel guide

Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Northern Blossom in Benguet is a must for its stunning landscapes, vibrant flower fields with the Cordillera mountains as its background, and diverse blooms like celosia and sunflowers. Its serene atmosphere allows for relaxation and recreation, with leisurely strolls amidst nature and fresh mountain air.

This flower farm is one of the popular side trips if you are visiting Baguio City, and that’s what we did. In this blog, I will share everything you need to know before going there. That includes how to go there if you are planning a DIY trip, a sample itinerary, what to expect, and how much we spent on that trip.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm

How To Go To Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Let’s start with how to reach Northern Blossom Flower Farm. If you are in a group, especially with seniors or kids my recommendation is to book via KLOOK. It is convenient and less hassle. Here’s the link if you are interested – Enjoy a visit to Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Haight’s Place, and Tayao Gardens in Atok Benguet with a professional tour guide. But if you are planning to do a DIY trip, you can follow the steps below. Skip, number 1 if you are already in Baguio City.

  1. If you are coming from Manila, take a bus from Manila to Baguio. Many choices are available at PITX or Cubao terminals such as Victory Liner and SolidNorth. Travel time depends but usually it’s 4-5 hours. We booked our ticket from Klook – Manila PITX or Cubao to Baguio Bus. The fare from PITX to Baguio is Php 1,108 and from Cubao to Baguio, it is Php 726.
  2. From Baguio, take a cab to Dangwa Terminal. From our hotel in Session Road, we paid Php 65 for the taxi.
  3. From Dangwa Terminal, take a bus or a van going to Atok. We asked around to know the fares. Van fare costs Php 200 to Php 250. We took a bus and it cost us Php 185 pesos each. Bus schedules are 5:30am, 8:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 5:30pm. Travel time is more or less than 2 hours.
  4. To go back to Baguio from Northern Blossom Flower Farm, exit the farm and go to the main road there are vans there that you can take to return to Baguio.

Sample Itinerary For DIY Trip To Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Before our last day in Baguio City, we decided to visit this flower farm. We left our hotel at 8:00 am to ride a taxi going to Dangwa Terminal Station. We paid for Php 65 and it took us less than 10 minutes from our hotel in session road. Actually, Dangwa Terminal is just a walking distance from Session Road, we are just being lazy so we took a taxi. Just walk through the direction of the Public Market and look for Good Taste Restaurant if you want to go there by foot.

We left at exactly 8:30 am and arrived at 10:30 am. Northern Blossom Flower Farm is a popular destination so you can just inform the driver to drop you off at the entrance. We were told that it can get crowded on the weekends, so we scheduled our visit on a Friday to avoid too much crowd.

When we got there we paid the registration fee which was Php 250 each first things first. Then, before entering the main entrance, there’s a short guideline provided that must be observed when inside. From what I remember, we are allowed to touch the flowers but we are not allowed to cut them off. They also reminded us to bring our umbrellas and water bottles because it is an open area and no shade from the sun if it gets too hot.

I was so excited to explore when we got inside. The area is so wide and divided into sections with different flowers that I only have seen for the first time. I took time to read the information they posted to each of the flowers. I am also happy to see Calla Lilly for the first time.

There’s no time limit inside but we decided to stay for only 3 hours max because we are commuting and since the van won’t take off unless they are filled with passengers we consider our waiting time.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Contact number: 09081513368
Open from Mondays to Saturdays
Open from 6:00am-11:30am; 1:00-4:30pm

Adults 11-59yo – P250
Kids 6-10yo – P50
Kids 5 and below – FREE
Senior Citizen or PWD with ID – P200

Couple’s Room – P1500
Couple’s Room with extra pullout bed – P1800
House A: 4 Rooms with Kitchen and Two Comfort Rooms – P4000
House B: 2 Rooms with Kitchen and Comfort Room outside – P3000

BOOK HERE → Enjoy a visit to Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Haight’s Place, and Tayao Gardens in Atok Benguet with a professional tour guide.

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