Namsan Seoul Tower: How to Go by Cable Car, Bus, Taxi

Namsan Seoul Tower or N Seoul Tower is a breathtaking landmark with gorgeous city views and scenic sights. I’ve known Namsan Seoul Tower through different Korean dramas that I’ve watched. This is one of the filming locations in Seoul that I made sure I will be able to visit.

The entrance to the N Seoul Tower observation decks is free. If you’re traveling on a budget, I recommend skipping the observatory. However, if you want to climb to the top of the tower, at the observatory for the 360 degrees view, here’s the link to purchase tickets: N Seoul Tower Ticket in Seoul

The observation decks at the base of the tower are open 24/7. The observatory’s opening hours are the ones below:

  • Sunday-Friday: 10:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-24:00
    * Last admission 30 minutes before closing.
    * Operating hours are subject to change depending on weather or business schedules.

Do you know?

The N Seoul Tower (Korean: N 서울타워), officially the YTN Seoul Tower and commonly known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Nam Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. The 236-meter (774 ft)-tall tower marks the second highest point in Seoul.

Built in 1969, the N Seoul Tower is South Korea’s first general radio wave tower, providing TV and radio broadcasting in Seoul. Currently, the tower broadcasts signals for Korean media outlets, such as KBS, MBC and SBS. ~ Wikipedia

How to Go to Namsan Seoul Tower

In this blog, I’m going to share with you a guide on how to go to Namsan Seoul Tower. There are many transport options depending on your allotted time of travel and budget:

  • Namsan Cable Car – convenient, fast
  • Bus – affordable, comfortable
  • Seoul Sightseeing Bus – perfect if you want to explore the rest of the city too
  • Walk–free takes time
  • Taxi – comfortable but you still need to walk going up to the tower
  • Private Car – comfortable but you still need to walk

1. By Namsan Cable Car

Let’s start with the cable car. If your first time visiting Namsan Tower, I suggest you take the cable car. It’s a unique experience because of the view you will see while going up. You don’t have to purchase the roundtrip ticket if you are on a budget – take the cable car going to the tower then take the bus after or vice versa.

BOOK NOW → N Seoul Tower Ticket Observatory + Cable Car

We walk going to the cable car after strolling Myeongdong and visiting the Legend of The Blue Sea Filming Location.

N Seoul Tower cable car

To get to Namsan Seoul Tower, ride Subway Line 4 to Myeongdong Station. Then, go out of Exit 4. From there, walk for about 8 minutes and you will find the slanted elevator (Namsan Oreumi).

How to Go to Namsan Seoul Tower by Cable Car

The total time when getting from Myeongdong Station to Namsan Tower is around 15 to 20 minutes.

Cable Car Operating Hours:
– 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Cable Car Ticket Prices

  • Adult (Round-trip & Aged 13 to 64) – 14,000 won
  • Adult (One-way & Aged 13 to 64) – 11,000 won
  • Child (Round-trip & Aged 3 to 12) – 10,500 won
  • Child (One way & Aged 3 to 12) – 8,000 won
  • Senior (Round-trip & Aged 65 and above) – 10,500 won
  • Senior (One way & Aged 65 and above) – 8,000 won

2. By Bus

Bus to N Seoul Tower

There are three shuttle buses to go to the Namsan Seoul Tower: No. 02, No. 03, and No. 05. If you don’t know what bus to take, open your google map and search for the direction going to Namsan Tower. Then click the bus icon on the app. It will show you the bus stop, and bus number to take.

Bus No. 02

  • Closest subway station: Chungmuro Station (lines 3 & 4), Exit 2
  • Intervals: every 15 minutes
  • Bus route: Namsan Seoul Tower → Namsan Public Library → Seoul Education Research & Information Institute → Seoul Animation Center, Soongeui Women’s College → Teogyero 3-ga, Hanok Village, Korea House → Chunngmuro Exit 2, Daehan Cinema → Teogyero 5-ga, Cheil General Hospital → Ambassador Hotel → Jangchung Gymnasium → Dongguk University Station → National Theater of Korea → Namsan Northern Circuit Entry → Namsan Seoul Tower

Bus No. 03

  • Closest subway station: Seoul Station (line 1 & 4) Exit 9, Itaewon Station (line 6) Exit 4 or Hangangjin Station (line 6) Exit 2
  • Intervals: every 20 minutes
  • Bus route: Namsan Seoul Tower → Namsan Public Library → Baekbeom Square → Huam Intersection → Namdaemun Polic Station → Seoul Square → Namdaemun Market → Namsan Tunnel 3 → Yongsan Hanshin Apartment → Haebangchon → Itaewon Yongsan-gu Office → Hamilton Hotel → Itaewon Fire Branch Office → Hannam-dong Community Center → Hangangjun Station, Blue Square → Beoti Gogae → Songdo Hospital → Yaksu Station Exit 7 → Yaksu Station Exit 1 → Dongguk University Station, Janchung-dong → National Theater of Korea → Namsan Northern Circuit Entry → Namsan Seoul Tower

Bus No. 05

  • Closest subway station: Myeong-dong Station (line 4) Exit 3, Chungmuro Station Exit 2
  • Intervals: every 15 minutes
  • Bus route: Namsan Seoul Tower → Namsan Public Library → Baekbeom Square → Hilton Hotel → Namdaemun Market Accessory Arcade → Namdaemum Market → Myungdong → Teogyero 3-ga, Hanok Village, Korea House → Chungmuro Station Exit 2, Daehan Cinema, Teogyero 5-ga, Cheil General Hospital → Teogyeori 6-ga → Gwanghui-dong Crossroads → Chungmu Art Hall, Jungbu Fire Station → Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town → Sindang-dong, Cheongu Station → Yaksu Station Exit 2, Jungu Library → Dongguk University Station → Jangchung-dong → National Theater fo Korea → Namsan Northern Circuit Entry → Namsan Seoul Tower

3. By Taxi/ By Private Car

Taking a taxi to the N Seoul Tower is probably not the best option since taxi prices in Seoul are a bit expensive. And since cars are not allowed on top, the taxi will take you to the Namsan Public Library and you will have to walk to get to the top. Same thing with private or rental cars.

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