Dan Brown Origin Summary and Book Review

origin by dan brown

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Brown. Every time I finished reading one of his books, I end up saying “This is my favorite”. That’s how hooked I am.

The last book that I read was “Inferno” and that set my expectations high (but not the movie) for the next book that I will be reading. Then, I got his book “Origin” at a book sale. I remember myself being extra happy because I got it at half the original price. 😍

Disclaimer: This isn’t gonna be a formal book review but more of a reaction blog from a casual reader like me.

Dan Brown Origin Summary:

In the “Origin”, Robert Langdon was invited by his former student Edmond Kirsch to the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum in Bilbaoon, Spain. Kirsch is a computer scientist, futurist, and well-known atheist. He wanted to share with the world his new discovery. And that is the answer to the two most fundamental human questions – where we came from and where we are going? During the event before he unveils his discoveries, a murder happened that killed Kirsch. Robert runs out together with Ambra Vidal, a museum director and the fiance of Spain’s Prince Julian.

The story goes around them looking for a 47-character password that will unlock Edmond’s discovery so they can show it to the world. During their quest, they got help from Edmond’s creation of an Artificial Intelligence named Winston. To cut the story short, in the end part Langdon was horrified when he figured out that Kirsch was killed by an AI (his own creation). Thinking that the presentation can get many viewers as possible by making Kirsch a martyr. It all boils down when he realizes that Winston is Monte (monte and iglesia mean “mountain/hill” and “church” in Spanish. And Winston is named after Winston Churchill). How tragic is that!

You can get your copy below:

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For me, what makes this book different from all of Dan Brown’s books is that – in his previous books Robert was invited to solve a “mystery” but this time Robert was in the exact situation when the “mystery” or “crime” happened. The book is very lengthy. Also, being a Dan Brown fan, I somehow predicted some of the plot lines. It has all Dan Brown elements. Making me guess the killer as the least “person” who could possibly do it.

I like how he lay down the conflict between science and religion. I also like the way he educates his readers regarding literature, art, history, and places – very Dan Brown. And how can I not appreciate the part of the story where Robert and Ambra went to Kirsch’s laboratory and got up close to his supercomputer? The description made me picture the entire place and how this super technology was set up and works. I was also amazed by the Winston play at the end more than the discovery. My best part was finding out the meaning of monte@iglesia. Read it to find out.

Overall, I had a thrilling reading experience that I enjoyed.

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