Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola Twin Dayhike Guide, Budget + Itinerary

mt. manalmon and mt. gola
Monkey Bridge

Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola twin day- hike in San Miguel Bulacan is another weekend to spend for me and my friends. Aside from hiking, there are also other things that can be done in Sitio Madlum like swimming, spelunking, visiting the “Biak-na-Bato” National Park, and the Monkey Bridge crossing.

How to go to Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola?

Public Transpo

1. Take a Bus (Baliwag, ES Trans.) in Cubao going to San Miguel Bulacan. Travel time is around 2 hours and fare cost is Php170. Tell to the conductor to drop you off in Brgy. Kamias

2. From Kamias. take a tricycle going to  Brgy. Madlum. Travel tim will take around an hour and fare is Php200.

Private Transpo/ Car

1. From Manila, drive to the north and take Sta. Rita exit from NLEX. You will pass towns like  Plaridel, Pulilan, Baliuag, San Rafael and San Ildefonso. 

2 From San Miguel, you can ask the locals locals on how to get to Brgy. Madlum of Mount Manalmon.

I recommend going in the early morning to avoid traffic, and the harsh afternoon sun while climbing. Upon arriving at the jump-off, we registered, hired a tour guide, and start the hike with a prayer.

First stop, Mt. Gola! 😊

mt. manalmon and mt. gola
Here’s the river that separates the two mountains.

The itinerary was to reach Mt. Gola first, then go to “Biak-Na-Bato” Cave (because they are on the same side of the river, after that head to Mt. Manalmon. The last on our to-do-list is the monkey bridge challenge.


We had to cross this river to start the trek up to the first mountain – Mt. Gola.

I was wearing shoes at that time so I had to take them off. Be ready to get your feet wet, as you’ll be crossing a shallow part of the river.

The trail is quite easy but there are a few steep slopes along the way. There’s this trail that we need to use a rope that will pull us up. Also, please note that there aren’t many shades in the path, good thing we did climb Mt. Gola first to avoid the noontime sun later in the afternoon. 

mt. manalmon and mt. gola
Mt Gola Summit

This is the viewdeck in the summit. It’s a great spot to take pictures. You’ll have the sky, the nature and the clouds as your backdrop.

mt. gola
Syra May Joy 🙂


After spending enough time at the summit of Mt. Gola, we decided to descend. It took us an hour to get back to the river we crossed earlier. But before we go to Mt. Manalmon, we went to “Biak-na-Bato” National Park. It’s a cave where we saw stalactites and stalagmites.

What a sad part to see dead stalactites and stalagmites because some of them are being destroyed by few visitors. If you happen to go there, please do not touch it. And PLEASE do not leave your trash inside. Let’s take an extra care to our nature. Let’s be responsible.


We continued the hike going to Mt. Manalmon. We were surprised to see a line of hikers taking turns in the summit. So while waiting for our turn, we decided to take our lunch first.

The trail is actually easier than Mt. Gola’s, there would be no steep areas throughout the climb. At 196 meters above sea level, you can reach the peak in an hour and a half.

Ooopss sorry, Is this supposed to be a stolen shot?


This is a challenge where you need to cross a river on a rope at your feet while holding another rope on your hands for support.

You need to take turns in doing so. After facing your fear, you can take a dip into the river below, like some of my friends are doing while watching me doing the challenge.

monkey bridge
It looks easy but it was really hard. Well, at least for me. 🙂

Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola Itinerary:

04:00-06:30 Cubao to Barangay Camias
07:30 – 08:30 Barangay Camias to Sitio Madlum; registration
08:30 – 09:00Jump-Off to First View Deck
09:00 – 09:15 First View Deck to Summit of Mt. Manalmon;take pictures
09:15-10:30 – Mt. Gola and “Biak na Bato”
10:30-11:30 Mt. Manalmon
11:30-02:00 Jump-Off; Monkey Bridge Crossing, Swimming
02:30-03:30 Clean-up; Sitio Madlum to Brgy. Camias
04:00-06:00 Brgy. Camias to Cubao

Bus from Cubao to Brgy.Camias = Php 234.00 (Php117 one way)
Tricycle from Brgy.Camias to Sitio Madlum = Php200 good for 4 people
Registration Fee (Before Jump-off) = PhP 20.00
Registration Fee (Red Gate) = PhP 10.00
Guide Fee (Twin Peaks;PhP 600.oo good for 10 pax) = PhP 150.00
Monkey Bridge Crossing= PhP 25.00

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