Mt. Binacayan : Day Hike Itinerary, Guide and Expenses

Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Binacayan is one of the beginner-friendly hikes in Montalban Rizal. Me and my sister were invited to join a trek organized by one of our friends going to this mountain. The mountain is one of the most hiked and beginner-friendly mountains located in the province of Rizal. Mt. Binacayan can also be part of a trilogy along with Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi.

Elevation: 424+ MASL
Location: Montalban, Rizal
Jump Off Point: Brgy. Wawa Montalban
Difficulty: 2/9
Features: Limestone karst. Scenic of the Sierra Madre Range and Wawa River

How to go to Mt. Binacayan?

Ride a UV Express in Cubao – beside Jollibee Farmers. The fare is Php 50. From there, ride a tricycle to Sitio Wawa and alight at the DENR Registration area. Fare is Php 60 good for up to 4pax. Upon arrival, the first you need to do is register, then secure a guide before you start the hike.

A quick trivia. Mount Binacayan and Mount Pamintinan are a part of the Philippines’ history and legend. One of the famous myths is about Bernardo Carpio a legend having great strength, who is trapped in between two great rocks in the mountain of Montalban (Now Rodriguez Rizal) separating it that resulted in the mountains of Binacayan and Pamitinan.

My recommendation is to go before five in the morning. The experience of seeing the sun rises is superb. We started the trek early that day.

The first part is a chill trek until we reached the trail that consists mainly of limestone. It rained the night before so the rocks are slippery. Good thing we bought our gloves.

Look at the sea of clouds at our back. 🙂 So nice.

We were able to catch a glimpse of the sea of clouds going up. We continued to trek on this rocky assault. The climb is not that easy. This trail still made my knees ache. From this “Rockies”, we continued until we reach the limestone formations. Then after 30 minutes, we were able to reach the viewing point.

Me and my sister

There are a lot of peaks where you can take pictures while waiting for your turn to the summit. Expect long lines of hikers if you go on the weekends. But it’s fun to rest, talk to your friends, and even make friends while you wait. Oh you can eat your breakfast as well if you want.

Finally, the summit. It offers a panoramic view of the Sierra Madre mountains. A hike-worthy climb indeed.

Mt. Binacayan Day Hike Itinerary:

0330 Meet up at Cubao Terminal
0430 Departure bound to Montalban
0500 Arrival in Eastwood, ride a tricycle to Wawa DENR
0515 Arrival in DENR,
0530 Registration at DENR & barangay
0600 Start trek
0700 Arrival at Peak 1
0720 Arrival in Peak 2
0800 Arrival at Main Peak
0930 Start descend
1010 Arrival at Camp, refreshment
1050 Arrival at DENR, sign out
1235 Departure bound to Manila
0115 Bound to Manila


RT Fare Van Cubao-Eastwood – Php 100.00
RT Fare Tricycle Eastwood-Sitio Wawa – Php 60.00 for 4 people
Registration Fee – Php 30.00
Guide Fee – Php 500 for a group of 5

This mountain is recommended for beginners. A chill hike will be rewarded with an amazing view.

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