Miko Miko Beach Resort, Catarman, Northern Samar – REVIEW

Miko Miko Beach Resort, Catarman, Northern Samar

Miko Miko Beach Resort is located in the town of Mondragon, Northern Samar, Philippines. This resort is just a few kilometers away from Catarman City. It has an infinity pool with the open sea as its scenic background.

I am actually having second thoughts if I will create a blog for this because our stay wasn’t that pleasant. But I really like the place, it was the way they accommodate guests that I don’t like (I will further explain later). Nevertheless, the place was really nice.

Miko Miko Beach Resort – How to get there?

The resort is located just beside the National Highway near UEP (University of Eastern Philippines) making it easy to locate.

Calbayog Airport – 30 minutes to 1-hour ride going to the resort via van/bus – fares are from Php80 to Php150. The plane ticket from Manila to Calbayog airport starts from Php 5,000 or higher.

Catarman Airport – 10 to 15 minutes to go to the resort via tricycle – fare is Php 50. The plane ticket from Manila to Catarman airport starts from Php 5,000 or higher.

Tacloban Airport – This is where you can get cheaper plane tickets that start from Php 1500 but the catch is the 5 to 6 hours ride going to the resort via van/bus – fares are from Php500 to Php750.

Another option is to take a bus from Pasay or Cubao bound for Samar. From Catarman, you can take a tricycle or jeep going to the resort.

We are from Sta. Margarita, Samar, it took us an hour drive going to the resort. For private cars, it is easy to use WAZE or Google Maps.


The resort’s infinity pool got me the first time we saw it on their website, that’s the main reason why I decided to celebrate my birthday there with my family. We called them a week in advance to book 2 day and 1-night stay in their villa. They confirmed our booking and informed us of their 2 pm check-in hours.

On the D-day of our reservation, we left the house at 11:30 am. We arrived 10 minutes before 2 PM at the resort. A bit hungry at that time and we planned to eat right away when we got to our villa.

We informed the receptionist about our reservation, they asked us to wait for a while because they are still cleaning the villa. We were ok at first knowing that it wouldn’t take too long so we waited at the chairs outside their restaurant/clubhouse. After 30 minutes, 2:30 pm at that time, I followed up again but I got the same response. This time they didn’t give time as to when they can finish preparing the villa. Again, we waited.

Every other 30 minutes, I am following up but the villa is not yet ready as per them. Around 4:30 pm, the sun is slowly going down as well as my patience. I then ask them what was taking them so long to clean, we reserved the room a week prior. We even called them before we travel going to the resort. They couldn’t give me an answer. I checked the resort and it’s not that crowded so I really don’t understand. They even told us to look for other resorts, if we cannot wait. I was like “Are you serious? At this hour? 4:30 PM? After waiting and wasting our time? You will ask us to look for another resort?” Crazy right?

I am really controlling myself not to raise my voice to the receptionist. I asked them if we can clean the villa ourselves because we are so tired, we wanted to rest already and we were hungry. That’s when they expedite what they need to do to the villa. No empathy, no apologies, no explanation whatsoever. We finally got inside the villa at 6 PM. A whole afternoon was wasted plus the bad mood. So far my worst staycation check-in experience.

The management really needs to check their service. Very poor!

Miko Miko Beach Resort Amenities:

So much with the disappointment. As I said, I like the place so let’s take a look at the amenities of the resort.

Villa – They have 5 villas. It was actually nice and has a terrace and a bathtub. It cost Php3,500 per night good for 2 pax and an additional Php500 for additional pax.

Infinity Pool – If it weren’t for this pool. I would choose other resorts. But I like the concept of pool plus beach – giving their guests an option to choose if they want to spend their time on the beach or in the pool.

Beach Front Cottages – This is where those who want a day tour stay. Just be mindful that since it’s facing the Pacific Ocean expect big waves. You are literally swimming in the Pacific Ocean so they are only allowing swimming time until 5 PM. After that, you need to transfer to the pool. Well, most of the resorts in Northern Samar facing the Pacific have this rule on their resorts.

Restaurant/Clubhouse – This is just in front of their infinity pool. You can order food here. Make sure to take a little time in advance to order so they can prepare it at the time you want it to be served.

Miko Miko Beach Resort Contact Details:
Address : Napanpan beach, Brgy. Imelda, Mondragon, N. Samar, Philippines 
Globe Mobile phone: +63 917 856 3124 
Smart Mobile phone: +63 947 438 4293 
Facebook : Mikomiko resort    
email address: mikomiko@yahoo.com 
Website: www.mikomiko.com.ph

Overall, the place is amazing but the service needs more improvement. I wouldn’t recommend an overnight stay because there’s not much to do in the resort. You can go and eat at their restaurant or a day tour is already enough.

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