MANJUYOD SANDBAR Travel Guide – The Maldives of the Philippines

Manjuyod Sandbar


Manjuyod Sandbar known as the “Maldives of the Philippines” is definitely a must-see attraction here in Negros Oriental. The popular attraction here is the dolphin watching and the few cottages surrounded by fine white sands. This is one of the tourist spots we visited during our Dumaguete trip and I am glad we did! The place is so amazing. We spend so much time snorkeling in its crystal clear water.


There are a whole bunch of different tour operators, but the most convenient and stress-free option is to book online at Klook The Klook package for ₱2400 or around $50 USD for the combined Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching tour – including lunch on board the boat and round trip hotel transfers. If you wish to experience Manjuyod Sandbar, you can book a tour package on the link below:

Book via Klook ➡ Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar Tour

If you want to DO IT YOURSELF or DIY style, it is also possible. I hope this blog can help you pan your trip.


From Dumaguete City take a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the Ceres Terminal. At the terminal, ask what Bus to take which will pass by Bais. The fare is  Php 60.00 (USD 1.17). Inform the conductor that you are heading for Manjuyod so that they would know where to drop you off exactly and that is in Brgy. Calindagan, Bais City. Bus travel time is less than two hours.

After arriving at the market area of Bais City, take public transportation called ‘trikes’ to Campiñahan Wharf or Canibol Wharf. There you can rent a boat for your trip.


Boat rental depends on the size of the boat. A whole-day tour includes Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais City Bird Sanctuary, Mangrove Forest, and Dolphin Watching. Make sure to confirm first the inclusion of your boat rental fee. It would be best to travel in a group of at least 4-5 people so that you can save on costs such as boat rental.

  • PHP 3,500. 00 (USD 68.54), PHP 4,000.00 (USD 78.33) good for 15 people
  • PHP 5,000.00 (USD 100) is good for up to 20 people

Cottage rental in Manjuyod Sandbar:

  • PHP 3,000/daytime use only
  • PHP 4,000/overnight; If you wish to stay overnight, make sure to bring enough water, flashlights, first aid kits, etc.
  • PHP 6,000/24-hour use.


It is very important to plan your visit as the white sand can only be seen during low tide. The recommended time to travel here is during the summer months, which generally starts in December and goes on until the last weeks of May. You may check for the weather condition to be sure.

Our Travel Experience:

We left Dumaguete City early in the morning to maximize our trip. I slept during the1.5 hours bus ride going to the port, so I pretty much have the energy when we arrived. Some tourists that booked a tour package already have their boats prepared that are waiting for them. But because we are doing it DIY style, we need to find one for ourselves. It wasn’t that hard because there are boatmen who approached us offering their boats for rent.

We got ours at Php 3,500. It was a big boat for the three of us. Unfortunately, that’s the smallest and cheapest already. It can fit probably up to 15 pax and it has a table in the middle so we don’t have to rent a cottage when we arrived at the sandbar. They also provided life vests.

It’s about 20 minutes from the port in Bais to the Manjuyod Sandbar. Dolphin Watching is a great experience. We first saw them from afar until we got so lucky that a few of them swam near our boat. It was a quick moment and that made me really happy.

Relaxing in White Sand

There are a few cottages along the sandbar. It is a great sight and has picture-perfect scenery – the skies are ever-blue as the clear waters reflect white rays from the white sand. We had so much fun swimming and snorkeling. At lunchtime, we ate the packed lunch we ordered in Jolibee while we were in the city. There are no restaurants in Manjuyod, so bring all that you need including food and drinking water. But there are a few floating pump boats that are selling chips, drinks, fresh coconut water, oysters, and sea urchins which is good. The fall back is – it’s a little pricey.

Most visitors spend a whole day here but since we have limited time in Dumaguete, we head back to the shore already after eating. On the way back, we had a quick stop at the Mangrove Forest.

We really enjoy our visit. Again, low tide is critical to enjoying Manjuyod Sandbar, because if it’s high tide there won’t be any exposed sand. But you can still enjoy swimming in the waist-high clear water if so.


Prepare for your trip to Manjuyod Sandbar with our must-have travel essentials.

Waterproof backpack & phone case: Dry Bag (2L 3L 5L 10L) Ocean Pack Waterproof Bag and Universal Waterproof Glow Dark Case for Mobile Phone Pouch
Quick dry microfiber travel towel: Naturehike Quick Drying Pocket Bath Towel
Action camera:  KIMSTORE GoPro Hero 11 – Black
Aqua Shoes: Aqua shoes Summer Unisex No-Slip Prevention Rubber Beach Shoes Men & Women
Snorkeling Gear: Professional Tempered Glass Diving Goggles Scuba Diving Snorkel Swimming Anti-Fog Breath Tube Set

If you have questions please let me know in the comment section below.

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