Luggage Storage in Taiwan – Taipei Main Station

Luggage Storage in Taiwan

Luggage Storage in Taiwan? Is there a place to store luggage at Taoyuan Airport? Our flight back to Manila is at 2:00 AM of Monday. We planned to check out early of Sunday and use our last day in Taiwan to explore the city.

The answer is YES. A lot.

We didn’t know it at first. Actually, the original plan was to ask the owner of the place we stayed at. We wanted to know if we can leave our luggages on our last day so we can still tour around Taipei. But good thing, we found out lockers located at Taipei Main Station. We even saw some at Taipei 101, train stations and other malls within Taipei. So what we did was, since we will ride the airport MTR at Taipei Main Station – we look for lockers there and deposited our luggages.

How much is locker rental / luggage storage at Taipei Main Station?

Below is the standard rate. You can use cash or your easy-card to pay. If you are planning to pay in cash make sure you have an exact amount because the machines don’t give change.

How to use these luggage storage?

It’s so easy to use. It has English instructions making it easy to store and retrieve your luggage. After storing luggage, the machine print out a small receipt with a pin number. Make sure not to lose it because you will use it in opening the locker.

Here’s how you can open it.

Another option was to deposit it to lalalockers – Advantage of Lalalockers is that there’s no limitation of size of big luggage unlike that of those located in MTRs.

Both are quite convenient and cheap instead of extending a night pay at the hotel.


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Where to stay in Taiwan?

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