Key Coffee in BGC – Experience one of Japan’s Famous Coffee here in ph

key coffee

Key Coffee

7AM to 12AM, everyday
Reservations: Mon to Thurs only except holidays. Send to 09477394347 
Mitsukoshi Mall, 8th Ave. Corner 36th St., Grand Central Park, North, Taguig


Key Coffee, a venerable name in the world of Japanese coffee, has been crafting exceptional coffee experiences since its establishment in 1920. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, Key Coffee has become synonymous with the artistry of coffee-making, delivering a range of meticulously curated products that cater to the diverse tastes of coffee enthusiasts. From carefully selected beans to innovative brewing methods, Key Coffee’s dedication to excellence is evident in every cup, making it a cherished brand among those who appreciate the rich and nuanced flavors of premium coffee. As a pioneer with a legacy spanning decades, Key Coffee continues to elevate the coffee-drinking experience, combining tradition with innovation to create a distinctive and unforgettable journey for coffee connoisseurs in Japan and beyond.

Good news!, Key Coffee Kissaten is now open in BGC they don’t just serve cups of coffee, but also hearty meals with jazz music playing in the background.

Key Coffee Kissaten is now open in MITSUKOSHI BGC

How to get to Key Coffee?

Beside Alaya MRT Station is the Station for BGC busses. I took that BGC bus and got off to Uptown. MITSUKOSHI Mall is just two blocks away from the Uptown.

The first thing I noticed when we got inside the cafe was the wooden chairs, tables, and brick walls. It certainly gave that vintage aesthetics with the jazz music playing in the background.

Aside from their signature coffees, they also served other meals from breakfast meals, and heavy meals to these lovely-looking croissants. We got two of these with hot coffee.

key coffee bgc

I didn’t know that dried seaweed is good on white pasta. We ordered two of these and they taste delicious.

We also tried Matcha Ichigo Latte, one of Key Coffee Kissaten’s specialty drinks. Beautifully layered and perfectly balanced espresso, premium uji matcha, and creme on top.

It is so interesting to see from their menu that they also offer a variety of cocktails, highballs, espresso martinis, and beer.

Final Thoughts

For those who are looking for great quality coffee, you will be satisfied with the wide variety of coffee options Key Coffee has. I like that they are not the typical coffee shops. They gave their customers the option to not only enjoy their coffees but also to dine with their hearty meals. And they are also a bar. How cool is that!

With regards to pricing, this place is one of the most expensive ones I’ve been to. Though the quality of what they serve tastes high-end as well. It is one of those “you got what you paid for” moments for me. Will I come back? Certainly, I will.

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