Imaga Rock Formation, Allen Northern Samar – Off The Cliff Adventure

Imaga Rock Formation Cabacungan Allen Northern Samar

Imaga Rock Formation is located in Brgy. Cabacungan, Allen Northern Samar. A place that not only gives a stunning view of the ocean horizon but also provides a must-try off-the-cliff adventure for those who dare to jump.

After our staycation in one of the resorts in Catarman, Northern Samar, my sister suggested that we make a side trip to this rock formation in Allen before going home. Since it’s on the way, we decided to give it a go.

IMAGA Rock Formation: Off the Cliff

I actually wasn’t expecting anything from the place because at that time I haven’t heard of it yet. My siblings said it was a rock formation and after showing me some of its pictures on social media, I was amazed because I didn’t know that there was a place in Northern Samar like this.

It took us 20 mins via car from the main road going to Imaga Rock Formation. It was a bit far I must say. If you are going via motorcycle or habal-habal (which is the common transportation in the area) make sure to wear something to protect you from the direct heat of the sun.

We arrived at around 11:30 am. The entrance fee is Php 20.00 each. We were already hungry but when we saw that there were no tourists in queue going up on the cliff, we took the advantage to check on it and take pictures without photobombers. 😂

Going up the cliff is a challenge.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who was looking for an exciting vacation to make up for the lost summer, fret no more! This place is for you. There’s no established trail. Going up, we went through sharp and slippery rocks. If you have trekking sandals, wear them. It’s also good for those who wants to be tan because there’s no tree cover. A challenge it is. 🤣 It may be a bit difficult but don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view from the top. This picture-perfect place offers white sand and a blue-green ocean. You can also jump off the cliff and enjoy swimming in this beautiful water. Cliff diving isn’t just a thrilling activity, but it is an unforgettable experience as well! Just have the right amount of courage and you’ll be rewarded with the best jump of your life.

After taking enough pictures, we head back already to eat our lunch. Two cottages are available at that time and one is under construction. So, you can bring your own tent. For us, we ate in the car – some kind of car camping you can say. 😎

We stayed for another hour and left. If you want to say longer or stay overnight, there are resorts nearby with reasonable/provincial rates. You can check them out.

Even though our visit was just a short amount of time, we really enjoyed it. Another tourist spot in Samar that I am proud of. Though I hope that the management can maintain the cleanliness and the safety of the visitors when going up the cliff.

Imaga Rock Formation – How to go?

From Calbayog – ride a van or bus (Php80.00) for an hour to Allen, Northern Samar. Then from Allen terminal – ask for a habal-habal/tricycle (Php 50.00) going to Cabacungan.

From Catarman – ride a van or bus (Php 50.00) for half an hour to Allen, Northern Samar. From Allen terminal – ask for a habal-habal/tricycle (Php 50.00) going to Cabacungan.

Make sure to include this on your Samar Itinerary. Or if you’ve been there let me know your experience on the comment section below. 😍

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