How to Get from CATICLAN AIRPORT to BORACAY | DIY Transfer


Boracay is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. As there are no direct flights to Boracay Island, tourists will either have to book a flight to Kalibo International Airport (KLO), situated roughly 2.5 hours away; and the much closer Caticlan International Airport (MPH), less than 10 minutes away.

During my trip to Boracay, I booked a flight to Caticlan Airport and I am sharing with you on this blog how I get to the island from Caticlan. But first, you need to prepare a few requirements.

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Boracay travel requirements

  • Confirmed hotel booking. This is needed upon arriving at Caticlan Jetty Port. Booth 1 will ask for the hotel booking details and confirm it with the hotel before they will let you proceed to the next booth. In my case, I showed them my AGOODA booking confirmation. I booked at Shore Time Dormitel and paid Php 1600 for 5-day and 4-night stays – bunkbed.

DIY transfer to Caticlan Jetty Port


Upon landing at Caticlan Airport – arrival terminal, I followed the signs to the exit. But before completely going out of the building I looked for booths to get a sticker for the tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port (following the blog and the vlogs I watched). I couldn’t find it so I asked the security guard, apparently no need for that anymore because the tricycle queue was already outside the airport.

When I exited the building the tricycle terminal was already there and not across the street anymore. So, I lined up to settle the fare, and I was given a tricycle number. After that, I went to the assigned trike.

    Tricycle Fare: PHP 75 (USD 1.40) per person
    Travel time: 10 minutes

There are two ports going to Boracay Island – Cagban Port and Tambisaan Port. Don’t be confused or anxious because the driver knows which port is operational at any given time. The fare is the same as the rates I indicated above. No need to worry.

Caticlan to Boracay DIY transfer

Clear requirements check


When I arrived at the Caticlan Jetty Port, I got excited and immediately went inside the first building which is a mistake because that’s for locals. The tourist line is on the next door.

Inside, I approach the booth closest to the door. It is labeled REGISTRATION & CONFIRMATION booth. They asked for my hotel booking confirmation and handed me a Tourist Arrival Form. The form asked to provide personal info and travel details.

Pay tourist fees

There are three separate queues, I fall in line three times. Once paid, I was handed a corresponding proof of payment: a receipt for the terminal fee, a stub for the environmental fee, and a ticket for the boat fee. I paid a total of PHP 350.

    Regular: PHP 150 (USD 2.75)
    Seniors/PWDs/Students: PHP 120 (USD 2.20)
    Children 5 years and below: EXEMPTED (FREE)
    Filipinos: PHP 150 (USD 2.75)
    Foreigners: PHP 300 (USD 5.50)
  • BOAT FEE: PHP 50

Board the boat to Boracay

There are staff assisted me to proceed to the Boarding Area. I presented my boat ticket and the staff collected it and gave me a card bearing my boat name and seat number.

The boat left when it was full. I didn’t wait that long because there were a lot of tourists at that time. The whole boat ride took only 15 minutes.

Boracay Port to Hotel


Outside the port area, there are a lot of drivers looking for passengers. E-trike is the main mode of transportation on the island. But I found these white multi-cabs outside. It is a regular ride, meaning I will be with other passengers, these are the rates PER PERSON:

  • To Station 3: PHP 20
  • To Station 2: PHP 25
  • To Station 1: PHP 30
  • To Fairways/CityMall: PHP 35
  • To Diniwid/NewCoast Entrance: PHP 40
  • To Puka Beach/Yapak: P50

If you’re a group and you’re carrying big luggage, it might be better to charter a special or private ride. There are the rates PER VEHICLE (NOT per person):

  • To Station 3: PHP 100
  • To Station 2: PHP 150
  • To Station 1: PHP 150
  • To CityMall: PHP 200
  • To Diniwid/Hagdan: PHP 250
  • To Yapak: PHP 350
  • To New Coast/Shangri-La/Crimson/Movenpick: PHP 400

How to get from Boracay to Caticlan Airport?

Going back to Caticlan Airport after my vacation, I just re-trace my route.

  1. Hail an e-trike for Cagban Port or Tambisaan Port. I didn’t know this at first so I just said to the driver to take me to the port going back to Caticlan. The driver knows which port is operational. Same fare for both ports. From Shore Time Dormitel I paid PHP15. But if you are coming from Station 2 the fare is P25 for a regular ride or P150 for a chartered trip.
  2. Pay terminal and boat fees. I still pay for the Terminal fee which is PHP 150 and the boat fee is PHP 50. They will also offer a ride from Caticlan port to the airport amounting to PHP 150 but I refused.
  3. Board the boat to Caticlan. The staff will collect your ticket and exchange it with a boat card with your seat number. Find your boat and seat. The boat journey takes 15 minutes.
  4. Tricycle to Caticlan Airport. I overheard from another group of passengers that the airport’s Departures Terminal is very close to the jetty, so they will travel on foot. True enough when I check Google Maps walking should take 6-10 minutes. But I took a tricycle. Travel time is 2 minutes. The fare is PHP 25.

There are also pre-arranged transfer packages from Klook for a convenient, and efficient commute. They are more PWD-friendly, smooth, and hassle-free.

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