Highest Point in Philippine Highway System is no longer Halsema Highroad

Highest Point in Philippine Highway System

Highest Point in Philippine Highway System is no longer Halsema Highroad

Highest Point in Philippine Highway System

Halsema Highway (also known as the Benguet–Mountain Province RoadBaguio–Bontoc Road, or Mountain Trail), located in barangays Cattubo and Paoay in Atok town, Benguet, is now the second highest point in the Philippine Highway System. It has an elevation of 2,255 meters (7,400 ft) above sea level. It was officially recognized as the highest-altitude highway in the Philippines for a while before it was dethroned when the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced that there is a newly confirmed highest elevation in the Highway System of the Philippines. And as per the department’s confirmation, the newly identified highest point is located in the Municipality of Tinoc, Ifugao. It is found particularly along the Kiangan-Tinoc-Buguias Road.

Even so, Halsema Highway Point has been a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike who are passing along Halsema Highway. We had stopped over here on our way to Sagada. There are quite a lot of tourists and motorists here in Atok, Benguet wanting to see the highest point and the scenic views.

It’s so fascinating to see the view of the terraces of vegetable plantations that rival that of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces to the glorious mountains of the Cordillera. Look at those majestic mountains, farms, clouds, sceneries, and rice terraces that are so irresistible to have a photo with.

Halsema Highway being Beautiful and Deadly

In March 2013, Halsema highway is listed as #9 in its 25 Most Dangerous Roads in the World. You will see sharp zigzag curves. Driving around the highway is a real challenge. Parts of the highway are dangerous, especially during the rainy season because of landslide tendencies.

How to go to Halsema Highway

Halsema Highway is currently the only existing link between Baguio and Cordillera’s most remote areas. It is a two-way road that leads to Bontoc, while the other leads to the town of Sagada.

From Manila to Benguet

Commute going to Halsema Highway is a bit of a challenge. While it is easy to go here via bus bound for Sagada or Bontoc. You will find it hard to find transportation back.

If you are from Baguio, hail a cab and ask to be taken to GL Trans Terminal. The Taxi fare is around P80. Then buy a ticket going to Sagada. Fare: P220. You can ask the conductor to drop you off at the Halsema Highway viewpoint. Going back or continuing your journey to Sagada would be a challenge as you’ll rely on being a chance passenger on the buses that are passing by. Not ideal for those who have limited time options. So you have to think twice.

I suggest bringing your own car or renting one so you have the luxury of time in your hands. Most tourists visit here as a side trip to their Sagada adventure they rent a van and ask the driver to stop over at the viewpoint of Halsema Highway.

Have you been here already? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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