Embrace Tranquility: Goyablac 6710 Cafe in Calbayog City

Goyablac 6710 Cafe in Calbayog

Goyablac 6710 Cafe is located in Brgy.Payahan, Purok 1, Calbayog City, Eastern Visayas, Philippines, Calbayog, Philippines.

Nestled in the heart of Calbayog City, this cafe offers a unique blend of provincial charm and city convenience, making it the perfect retreat for those seeking a serene quick escape. It is also a place to spend time with your friends as you enjoy your snack with a cup of coffee.

Atmosphere: Where Woods, Plants, and Flowers Unite

This cafe is giving me the vibe of a hidden oasis in the midst of urban chaos. Me and my friend decided to have a snack in this cafe after we went for a quick afternoon run. As we stepped into Goyablac 6710 Cafe, we were greeted by the soothing embrace of nature. The interior, adorned with wooden furniture, emanates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lush greenery of plants and the delicate fragrance of flowers create a haven that feels far removed from the hustle and bustle outside.

The open seating area is a true gem, surrounded by greenery and bathed in natural light. It’s an ideal spot for those who prefer to sip their coffee amidst the rustle of leaves and the subtle perfume of blooming flowers.

Location: City Convenience Meets Tranquility

Despite its provincial vibe, Goyablac 6710 Cafe is conveniently located within the city, making it easily accessible to everyone. The cafe is already known so it is easy to take a tricycle to whichever part of the city you are in and inform the tricycle driver you are heading to Brgy. Payahan. The fare should not cost you more than 30 pesos.

Menu Highlights:

Here’s the link to their complete list of MENU. They offer hot meals, different types of burgers, lemonades, coolers, and Iced coffee.

We ordered (1) Iced Latte, (1) Goyablac Special Iced coffee, and (2) of their burgers. Their burgers are a little too pricey for me but I was satisfied when I tasted the patty. It’s thick and tasty.

Conclusion: Your Provincial Escape Awaits

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Your provincial escape awaits, just around the corner.

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