Flower Ranch Cafe in Mandaluyong: Flower Shop + Cafe

Flower Ranch Cafe in Mandaluuyong

Flower Ranch Cafe is at 1552 Shaw Boulevard, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.

Flower Ranch Cafe information

AddressBeacon Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, corner Ideal, Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Store hours: Open daily, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 
Website: https://www.flowerranchcafe.com/

I never thought flowers and coffee is actually a good combination. Imagine seeing beautiful different flowers on display—along with the rich aroma of coffee! ♡ OMG! It’s making the coffee-lover in me so happy!

How to go to Flower Ranch Cafe

Flower Ranch Cafe can be found along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong. It is on the side of the road, but it’s so small it’s easy to miss it if you’re not paying attention. In going there, your landmark can be the Beacon Plaza; Flower Ranch is on the right corner in front of it. It’s easy to take a grab or taxi.

If you want to commute, take the MRT going to Shaw Boulevard Station. Then, in Starmall EDSA look for a jeep that will pass Beacon Plaza. The fare is Php12.

Flower Ranch Cafe, Mandaluyong

It is my day off from work so, finally, I will be able to try this cafe recommended by my friend. What got my interest is her description that it’s a coffee shop and a floral shop at the same time. Interesting!

The place isn’t spacious when we got inside—probably fit about 3 people at a time. But the inside is absolutely gorgeous! The space is filled with beautiful dried and fresh flowers. Even the ceilings are covered with hanging flowers. It reminded me of those cute small coffee shops in Hongdae, Seoul. The way they decorate this place is so pleasing to the eye. Very minimalist yet so aesthetic. The concept is so pretty. I love it!

According to their website, Flower Ranch Cafe started as a small flower shop in 2015. After going on a trip to Seoul, the owner, and her daughter fell in love with all the quaint little cafes scattered around Seoul. Having a coffee shop has always been their dream, and so a few years later, they decided to redesign Flower Ranch into a cozy cafe as well.

Flower Ranch Cafe Menu

On the picture below is what’s available on their menu. We ordered Latte (Php130), Espresso Tonic (Php150), and 2 Spanish Breads (Php45 each). Our total bill is Php370. They also accept orders online via their website.

I actually like the taste of their coffee. The one that I ordered has a hint of a lemon. Look how cute the dried flower attached to the paper cup is.

A little reminder, before you visit make sure to check their website because they post schedules there. You can also check out Flower Ranch Cafe’s Instagram page.

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