Namil Villa / Hansung Apartment Guide – FIGHT FOR MY WAY Filming Location

Namil VIlla

Namil Villa or Hansung Apartment is a filming location from the K-Drama that I’ve recently watched. It’s so funny how we almost got lost our way in finding this location. But for the love of Korean Drama, no regrets. 🤞 We tried asking some locals for directions but most of them can’t speak and understand English. Good thing, a Korean student who can understand English helped us.

Namil Villa

I’ve watched the K- Drama Fight for My Way and got so “kilig” when the main characters’ relationship blooms from being best friends to lovers. These characters are Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-Joon) and Choi Ae-ra (Kim – Ji-Won) who are childhood best friends.

I honestly found the drama realistic. The characters are individuals who are struggling to be successful. Any one can relate to that. Dongman works in a pest control service instead of being an athlete while his best friend Ae-ra whose dream is to become a TV announcer, works at the information desk of a department store. The story goes around their struggles, hard work, and eventually romance.

While watching the drama, this flight of stairs of Namil Villa where they live is the most noticeable location(for me) in the drama. In reality, the apartment complex is called Hansung Apartment Buildings. It is located at Beomcheong-dong, Busan.

Namil Villa

How to Get to Namil Villa / Hansung Apartment

As I mentioned earlier, we almost got lost. The only thing we knew was the nearest subway station. So here are some helpful (I hope) landmarks if you decide to visit them too.

Location: Hansung Apartments

Address: 부산 남구 수영로49번나길 38 (#49-38 Beonna-gil, Suyeong-ro, Namgu, Busan)
Closest Subway Station: Green Line (Line 2), Jigegol, Exit 2

Take a subway going to Busan Metro Line 2. Exit at Exit 2 of Jigegol Station.

Hansung Apartment

Take a U-turn after reaching the end stairs of the subway. With just a few steps, you’ll find an inclined road to the right.

Hansung Apartment

Walk towards that path.

Namil Villa

When you reach this part. Walk in the direction of that first white car in the picture. Then, take the uphill stairs – the left greenhouse in the picture. It’s a narrow and uphill pathway.

Namil Villa lies on top of the hill so be ready for a 5 to 10 minutes exercise going up. This is a residential area so make sure not to make any noise.

Namil Villa

I hate stairs! But reaching this k-drama location is all worth it! 😍 I can’t believe Park Seo Joon has been here. OMG! My fangirl heart is so full. 🤞

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