Cebu City to Mactan–Cebu International Airport| Cheapest Transportation via Mybus

Cebu City to Mactan–Cebu International Airport

This will be a short blog because I only wanted to share the cheapest transportation option I tried from mainland Cebu City to Mactan-Cebu Airport.

Every time I need to go to the airport when I am in Cebu, I always take a taxi. It cost me Php300 to Php500 from Pier 1 to the airport before. But right now, they are asking for Php600 – Php1000 which is way beyond my budget. Good thing, I found this new way and the cheapest transportation option going to Mactan-Cebu Airport.

How to get from Cebu City to Mactan–Cebu International Airport?

So aside from taking a cab/or taxi, I took a ride from MyBus.

  1. Go to MyBus Terminal in SM City Cebu.
  2. Purchase a ticket at the ticketing booth. The cost is Php50 one way.
  3. Line up to the queue of passengers
  4. Before you go inside the bus, ask the conductor if it will take you to the airport. This is to avoid getting into a bus with a different route.
  5. Present your ticket.
  6. Drop-off is at the Departure Area.

How much is the MyBus fare from Cebu City to Mactan–Cebu International Airport?

  • Php 50 from SM Cebu City to the Airport
  • Php 50 from the Airport to SM City Cebu

What is the MyBus schedule?

Mybus airport schedule

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