Caluwayan Palm Island Resort in Marabut, Samar

Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort Marabut Samar

Caluwayan Palm Island Resort is located in Barangay Caluwayan, Marabut Samar.

Traveling is no longer the same as to what it was before the pandemic. A lot of people lost their businesses. With the closure of hotels, resorts, and establishments – most people lost their jobs, worst their livelihoods. It was really tough. Now that we were slowly trying to recover, the government finally re-opens local tourism with strict health-safety protocols. Let’s be part of that and help our economy even in a small way we can. Let’s all support local tourism. You might discover beautiful places just within your hometown. In our case, we found Caluwayan Palm Island Resort in Marabut, Samar.

The resort is an eco-tourism-oriented resort surrounded by a breathtaking view of towering rock islands and islets within the secluded coves. The resort offers snorkeling, kayaking, and boat ride. They also have a pool, bar, and restaurant.

Caluwayan Palm Island Resort: How to go?

Marabut, Samar is an hour away from Tacloban city/Tacloban Airport. From the terminal, you can ride a bus or a van going to Marabut. If you’re from Calbayog Airport, from the bus/van terminal, it is a 4-5 hour ride.

Enjoying Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort

Walk-ins are allowed but if you want to surely secure a room for an overnight stay, I would advise to contact them in advance.


Upon arrival and settling our stuff in our room. We avail the free 30mins boat ride for those who checked in. We really did enjoy the tour within the surrounding islets. I can’t help but appreciate and be amazed by God’s wonderful creation. And also thanks to kuya boatman who toured us around the island. Very accommodating and friendly.

Infinity Pool

This is probably where we spent most of our time. The beautiful and clean infinity pool gave us a view of the ocean while swimming. It can be accessed from 8 AM to 9 PM. Proper swimming attire is a must. Our swimwear is from @iwear_apparel_ph on Instagram.

Beach villas and rooms

We booked a family room which is located just in front of the pool. It was actually quite spacious and clean. Room rates are available below.

Restaurants, Bistro Bar and Beach Cottages

Bringing food is not allowed but you don’t have to worry because they have a restaurant inside. You can order and dine inside or request to have your food served in one of the cottages in front of the beach.

They asked us to pre-order food before 5 pm and will serve it from 7 pm onwards. We had our dinner served outside the restaurant so we could listen to the band in the bistro. Had a few drinks before calling it a night.

They only limit the number of guests, so booking in advance is a must. Wearing a mask within the resort is strictly followed and can only be removed during swimming and when you eat.

Room Rates:

In compliance with the Health & Safety Protocols prescribed by the Department of Tourism Agency, their ROOMS’ OCCUPANCY has been reduced. Only SINGLE up to DOUBLE room occupancy is allowed. COUPLES or FAMILY MEMBERS who share the same household may be allowed in DOUBLE or TWIN occupancy rooms.

You can also book through Agoda for the reservation. Please use the link below.

AGODA → Check Rates & Availability
Caluwayan Palm Island

Our stay is actually the perfect relaxation we needed after a week of workload. They are all nice and accommodating…We highly recommend this place. We wanted to visit again…for sure, there will be a next time!

You can view their rooms through their website – Contact Details: +63 977-3545692

You can also check KANDIWATA ROCK FORMATION: Dubbed as Small Palawan of Daram, Samar. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel below.

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