CAFE BUENAVENTURA in Calbayog, Samar: Is it Worth a Visit?

Cafe Buenaventura in Calbayog

Café Buenaventura is located in Purok 2, Brgy. Payahan 6710 Calbayog, Philippines.

Calbayog City is a 10 to 15-minute drive away from home. After running some errands in the city we decided to try a cafe I learned about through a friend. So, I am excited to visit and try it with my siblings.

credits to Café Buenaventura FB page

Café Buenaventura in Calbayog City

We arrived at around 3 PM. There were only a few cars parked, which made me giddy because I love uncrowded cafes. Parking space was not a problem so it’s a plus point for me. Not sure though during peak hours.

There are tents set up outside the cafe which can accommodate bigger groups. If you’re with a bigger group, it’s better to dine in those tents. For us, we opted a table inside because it was 3 pm in the afternoon, and the sun is still up. We needed the comfort of the aircon inside. (yay!)

We took our time in picking what to order because they do have a lot on their menu and everything looks good. But we did settle for pizza, pasta, and fries. A little too much for a merienda I think.

We got Filipino Style Spaghetti (Php180), Ham and Cheese Pizza (Php260), and French Fries (Php150). Their food is as good as it looks like, plus the generous serving. The coffee-lover in me can’t say no to a cup of cappuccino (Php100) even in the afternoon.😅 Choco Hazelnut Frappe (Php150) for my brother and Lavander Blossom Frappe (Php150) for my sister, which we requested to be served later on.

I also have to mention the serving time because it’s one of the things that turned me off in a restaurant or café – it didn’t take that long so another plus point for me.

Café Buenaventura Menu

For those asking for their menu and the prices of their foods, here it is.

Around 5 in the afternoon, that’s when the crowd started to arrive. I think that the best time to visit is from dusk to night time. They have beautiful lights on the tents at night. We will try next time.

Contact Details:

Facebook Page:

Operating Hours: 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Contact Number: 0917 886 6441

Email Address:


The ambiance of the place is actually cozy. Everything looks so calming and homey. Staffs are very accommodating. It is a breath of freshness in regard to Calbayog’s cafes.

So yes, for me, it is worth it! The food is good and it is a great place to lounge and kill time. Me and my siblings were able to catch up with our lives and gossip (Ooopss!) while eating our snacks. The price on their menu is reasonable, and given their service and place, it was worth paying for.

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