Weekend Getaway at Cabacungan Beach, Allen Samar

Cabacungan Beach, Allen Samar

Cabacungan Beach is located in Brgy. Cabacungan, Municipality of Allen, province of Northern Samar Philippines. Northern Samar has many hidden gems and one of which is a pristine white sand beach in Cabacungan. The ideal tropical destination for those who want some sun, and sand far from the buzz of the city.

Cabacungan Beach – How to get there?

  • Philippine Airlines has direct flights from Manila to Calbayog City every Monday; going by plane is the most convenient way to get to this beach. From Calbayog, ride a van or bus going to Allen proper.
  • You can also take a bus or van from Pasay or Cubao bound for Allen, Samar.
  • Once at Allen Samar, you can hire a tricycle to take you to Cabacungan Beach, the fare costs around ₱50 to ₱100 more or less. (Pandemic Rate)

Cabacungan Beach Day Tour Experience:

Last weekend, our family had a chance to make a quick getaway and we chose to go to Allen, Northern Samar. This town has a beautiful coastline dotted with beaches, and one of them is Caba Beach in Brgy. Cabacungan – a white sand beach.

The plan was to wake up early, prepare some food, and go to the beach in the morning. We left the house at 6:30 AM. After an hour of driving, we arrived in Allen proper. We drop by their market to look for some chips, bottled drinks, and additional food too. After that, we proceeded to go to the beach.

Using WAZE for directions, we arrived at the beach at exactly 8 AM. It was still early so we got a parking space easily. If you’re lucky you can get free parking at the side of the road. But if not, there are rental parking spaces for Php60 day parking and Php150 for overnight parking.

We registered at the Brgy. Hall and paid Php10 each for the environmental fee. After that, we head to the beachfront and look for a cottage to rent.

We rented a cottage that cost Php350 for our whole day stay. Cottages are owned by the locals who live beachfront. It costs differently ranging from Php300 for small cottages to Php1,000 for an up-and-down cottage. Tent rental is also available.

At The Beach:

Since it’s still a sunny day in Samar, there are a lot of people at the beach. But yes! We found a good spot where we could take photos before dipping into the water.

There are a lot of things to do on this beach. Swimming, paddling, snorkeling, banana boat, sunbathing, and our favorite kayaking. ^_^ It costs Php100 for an hour’s rent. We only rented one kayak and just took turns in using it.

Sew how clear the water is! We really did enjoy spending time on the water swimming.

It’s actually a good idea that we went swimming in the morning because at 11:00 AM the sun was already up and it was so hot already. It was after 2:00 PM when we decided to go back home. Cabacungan is definitely a great place for a quick getaway. We had a great time! We will definitely come back.

An advised you can have a quick side-trip to see those beautiful rock formations in Imaga, Cabacungan.

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