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BORACAY Travel Guide 2021 – Requirements and Safety Guidelines

BORACAY Travel Guide 2021

BORACAY Travel Guide for 2021 is a must-know if you wanted to visit the Island. Boracay has finally reopened to local tourists early last October. This time, tourists need to follow a set of guidelines before and during the trip.

I listed here the list of guidelines and requirements in case you wanted to visit and know the things you need to prepare. This are all based from experience.

BORACAY Travel Guide for 2021 – Pre-Flight Requirements

  • COVID-19 Testing – Negative Result
  • Flight Booking
  • Confirmed Accredited Hotel Booking
  • Health Declaration Form
  • Boracay Tourist QR Code
Step 1: Book your flights to Boracay

We booked a flight that is a month in advance so we have time to sort and prepare the things that we needed.

Step 3: Secure Your Hotel Booking

Next, we booked a hotel reservation at an accredited accommodation. Here’s a list of accredited hotels for tourists to select from.

Step 3: Have a COVID-19 Test – Negative Result

Please note that the Boracay government will only accept Negative RT-PCR test results taken within 3 days before departure. We look for a testing site that can provide us the RT-PCR results within 24 hours. RT-PCR tests must be taken only in accredited laboratories

Step 4: Fill Out Health Declaration Form

Health Declaration Form is part of the travel requirements going to Boracay.

  • Access https://www.touristboracay.com/ and choose Boracay on the Where To page.
  • Fill out the required fields and click submit.
  • Take a screenshot of the confirmation page.
  • Attach a copy of the screenshot, RT-PCR Negative Result with the date of extraction within 72 hours to date of travel, a copy of confirmed booking slip/form, roundtrip flight/travel details, and proof of identification with Philippine Residency and send to touristboracay@gmail.com using the email subject OHDC-FamilyName, FirstName. Ensure that you are getting your RT-PCR Tests in accredited laboratories here: (https://hfsrb.doh.gov.ph/?page_id=1729) and your hotel booking in DOT Accommodation Establishments with CAO/PCAO in the Facebook Account of DOT VI Western Visayas (https://bit.ly/2OnVSwR). Multiple tourist documents can be sent in one email. Just include a listing of the names of the tourists. Note: Please submit your documents at least 12 hours or more before your flight/travel to avoid delays. We are validating your documents with the accommodation establishments and the laboratories and this takes some time. For faster processing, we encourage you to get your RTPCR with laboratories that include a QR code in their result certificates. Please send only valid documents as falsification is punishable by law.


Subject: OHDC-FamilyName-FirstName

Attach the following documents:

Step 4: Wait for your Tourist Code and Health Declaration Certificate
  • Wait for the email response (successful or unsuccessful) of the Final Validator. The validation team processes the QR Code within several minutes from receipt of the email and usually responds within an hour. If you have not received any response within two hours, please send another follow-up email.
  • If processing is successful, a copy of HDC with Tourist QR Code will be sent back. Keep the Tourist QR Code with you at all times. Have a printed or digital copy. The QR Code will be used in the ports of entry/exit (land, air, sea) as well as in accessing services in Boracay Island.
  • If processing is unsuccessful,  an email will be sent to you requesting for additional requirements or clarification. Please immediately comply with this to avoid delays in the QR Code release.
  • Your Tourist QR Code has an expiry of twelve (12) hours from your accommodation checkout time. If you are extending your stay in Boracay Island, please send an email of a new booking slip showing the extension to touristboracay@gmail.com before your original checkout time.
Step 5: Prepare and Pack your things. 🙂

We received our Health Declaration Certificate and Tourist QR Code after 3 hours that we sent the email. So I have it printed along with our plane tickets, hotel booking and Health certificate – Negative RT-PCR result. Don’t forget to bring all your copies digitally or printed because the airlines are also checking these documents when you check-in.

Step 6: Download and Register to TRAZE APP

Before you go to the airport. Make sure you download and register to the Traze Contact Tracing app. This is needed in the airport. We don’t know this before going there so we spent time downloading it and registering. One of our relatives was unable to register for an unknown error in her phone, so we all needed to wait for her as she lined up in the registration area in the airport. If you want a hassle-free check-in process. Do this before going to the airport.

  1. Download Traze App from App Store, Google Play, Huawei App Store, Vivo or Oppo Store on their mobile phones. 
  2. Click on Register and tap on “Individual” 
  3. Screenshot your Traze QR Code.

Please include alcohol, face masks, and a face shield because you’ll be needing it when you roam around the island.

Recommendation for your BORACAY Travel Guide for 2021:

Upon arrival, we booked transfers via KLOOK – a bus to the port, a boat to Boracay Island, and a van to our accommodation. I am recommending this for a hassle-free arrival. Klook.com

I hope this somehow helps your preparation for your Boracay adventure. Travel at your own risk. Make sure to follow all the health safety protocols. Bring a lot of patience because there’s a lot of things that needed to do unlike before. Be kind to everybody as we support local tourism.

Enjoy! 🙂

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