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Boracay Itinerary travel guide tourists attraction

Boracay stands out as one of the Philippines’ top tourist spots, celebrated for its breathtaking white-sand beaches and pristine, crystal-clear waters. It’s been half a decade since my last visit to the island, and I’m excited to return for a solo adventure, eager to witness the current state of this beautiful destination. In this blog, I will share with you my experiences, itinerary, and list of expenses. And hopefully, provide you with a little insight into planning your itinerary.

Boracay Overview:

First, let me give you a short introduction to the island. Boracay is a small island, approximately 7 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide, located in the western part of the Visayan Sea. It is part of the municipality of Malay in the province of Aklan. Just to give you an idea here’s a map of Boracay.

Where To Stay In Boracay

The first thing that I put into consideration when I plan this trip is where to stay in Boracay. The best option is the hotels near Station 1, 2, or 3 in White Beach but the prices of those accommodations are way beyond my budget. Good thing I found Shore Time Dormitel. It is near the Jetty Port and is 5 minutes away from White Beach. They also have a shuttle service going to Dmall in Station 2 and back to the hotel.

BOOK NOW – Shore Time Dormitel Boracay, Philippines

But if you have a budget, my suggestion is to stay the the hotels near White Beach or Bulabog Beach since they are just opposite each other. Here’s the Agoda link so you can choose your hotel.

How to Get from CATICLAN AIRPORT to BORACAY | DIY Transfer

There are no direct flights to Boracay Island, I booked a flight to Caticlan International Airport (MPH), less than 10 minutes away from the port that will bring me to the Island. Here’s the complete guide for your reference.

Things To Do in Boracay

Even if Boracay is just a small Island, there are a lot of things to do. I even tried just chillin’ at the beach for a day and that didn’t make me bored. I listed below those that I tried and enjoyed.

Boracay Island Hopping

I booked a tour from Klook amounting to Php 900 per pax. We started at 10 am and ended at 2:30 pm. I really enjoyed it. We visited Crocodile Island, Puka Beach, and had a free lunch at Crystal Cove. I bring my own snorkeling gear so I enjoyed it when they let us snorkel in an area I forgot the name of. It was a very nice experience.

BOOK NOW – Boracay Tour Package (Island Hopping)

Water Activities

Boracay offers a wide range of water activities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, there are options for everyone. When I reached White Beach, there were a lot of locals approaching me to offer different water activities, but I already pre-booked those I wanted to try through the Klook link below. If you are on a budget, and can only try one or two activities, just don’t miss Crystal Kayak and the Parasailing.

Boracay Crystal Kayak Photo-op Experience
Boracay Parasailing
Boracay Paraw Sailing
Boracay Sunset Paraw Sailing
Boracay Helmet Dive Experience
Stand-up Paddle Board

Boracay DIY Land Tour

Aside from the famous Stations 1, 2, and 3 of White Beach, there are also other spots to check out in Boracay. The most common way to land tour the Island is through an e-trike or electric tricycle. It is the most common mode of transportation around the island. To arrange a land tour, you can simply hail an e-trike in the streets. The approved rate is Php 500 per hour with 4 pax. The e-trike land tour usually lasts 3 to 4 hours, so it will cost you around Php 2,000 to Php 3,000 which you can divide among your group. Just a little tip, I’ve heard drivers overcharging tourists so make sure you set the deal straight first before riding an e-trike.

  • E-Trike Tour
    Maximum of 4 pax

In my case, Php 2,000 is too much since I am alone so I thought of trying to do a DIY style land tour with the use of Boracay Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttle Service. I purchased a 1-Day Unlimited Pass (Per person) through Klook amounting to Php 180.  The validity of the pass is 24 hours so I was able to visit places around the Island at my own pace.

BOOK NOW – Boracay Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttle Service

Since I purchased online, I got the physical card in the Southwest Office in Station 2 near the well-known restaurant, Jaspers. It is so easy to use because I just tap it inside the bus every time I take a ride. The inside is well-airconditioned and clean.

Places To Visit in Boracay

No matter, what negative remarks I’ve heard about Boracay these past few years I am still in awe of the Island’s beauty. I guess others are right when they say, “You have to see it yourself”. Boracay is still beautiful. Touristy? yes especially if you visit during peak season. But there is room for everyone. If you want a quiet and few people. there are other beaches aside from the famous White Beach that you can enjoy.

These are just a few of the top tourist spots in Boracay. Whether you’re interested in water sports, natural beauty, or simply lounging on the beach, Boracay has something for everyone to enjoy.

White Beach

Boracay’s White Beach is like the focal point of every visit to the island. It is the most famous beach in Boracay and is divided into three sections: Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Each section offers a different vibe but they are all connected and just a walking distance to each other.

I am amazed by its stunning powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. I enjoyed relaxing under the swaying palm trees with mango shake. Station 3 is the meet-up place for the Island hopping and parasailing I availed through Klook.

White Beach Boracay itinerary

The first thing I did after I checked into my accommodation was to enjoy the sunset here. There are a lot of tourists around 4 pm onwards. There is also a lively nightlife along the beachfront bars and clubs.

boracay white beach sunset

Puka Beach

Puka Beach can be accessed via land tour or Island hopping tour. It is located in the northern part of Boracay and is a serene and unspoiled escape from the bustling White Beach. Puka Beach offers a tranquil environment with its coarser, less crowded sands, pristine azure waters, and picturesque natural surroundings. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to unwind, sunbathe, or take leisurely walks along the shore. The beach is named after the beautiful Puka shells that can be found here, making it a great place for beachcombing and collecting souvenirs. Additionally, the absence of large-scale commercial development preserves its natural charm, making it an essential stop for travelers seeking a more peaceful and authentic Boracay experience.

Puka Beach Boracay

Diniwid Beach

Just a short walk from White Beach, Diniwid Beach has an idyllic and secluded ambiance, providing a perfect escape from the more crowded areas on the island. Diniwid Beach is nestled in a picturesque cove, surrounded by lush vegetation and dramatic cliffs, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. It provides a peaceful retreat while still being conveniently close to the vibrant scene of White Beach, making it a must-visit for those seeking a more tranquil Boracay experience.

Diniwid beach boracay

Lambros Point

Lambros Point for me is what separates White Beach Station 1 from Diniwid Beach. The sunset stroll here is a must.

Lambros Point boracay

Bulabog Beach

If you look at the map of Boracay above, Bulabog Beach is situated on the opposite side of the island from White Beach. It is a 5-minute walk from Dmall in Station 2 to this beach. The main attractions here is this I heart Boracay and the Slanting Palm tree which to tell you has a long queue for those who wanted to take a picture.

Boracay itinerary travel guide

I went to Bulabog Beach almost every day to take a picture of this slanting coconut tree but every time I came here there was a long line waiting for their turn to be photographed here. Good thing, that on my last day I saw just 3 groups waiting so I was able to get my chance. Wooh!

Bulabog Beach boracay

Willy’s Rock

Willy’s Rock is a natural volcanic formation located right off the shore of White Beach. What makes it stand out is the small grotto built into the rock, which houses a statue of the Virgin Mary. This unique and visually striking landmark provides a stunning backdrop for photographs and is often considered one of the most recognizable symbols of Boracay.

Willy's Rock Boracay


D’Mall located in Station 2 is Boracay’s main shopping and dining area. There are numerous shops, restaurants, and bars here. It is very lively here day and night.

Cujo’s Keyhole

Cujo’s Keyhole also known as “The Keyhole” is the new attraction in Boracay. It is located in Boracay Newcoast, a private real estate and resort development on the island’s northeast coast. Most tourists come here via e-trike or a tricycle land tour which includes a Keyhole stop in the itinerary. But I visit here via the Boracay Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttle Service and walk for 5 minutes.

Cujo’s Keyhole Boracay

New Coast Beach

To be honest, I never intended to visit New Coast Beach nor does it include on my Boracay itinerary. But I was able to have a glimpse of it when I went to the Keyhole and on my way back I decided to check out the beach. And I’m glad I did because this place is awesome. Very quiet and only a few tourists are here.

New Coast boracay itinerary

The Keyhole is even visible on this beach. It was a nice view.


Boracay Itinerary

Here’s my itinerary during my visit to Boracay. I have 3 full days on the Island. I arrived in Boracay at 4 p.m. on my first day and went home on my fifth day.

Day 1: DIY Transfer from Caticlan Airport to Boracay, Accommodation

03:00 PM – Arrival

03:30 PM – Check-in

05:00 PM – Sunset at White Beach

07:00 PM – Dinner @ Jaspers

08:00 PM – Back at the Hotel

Day 2: Island Hopping Adventure

08:00 AM – Breakfast

09:00 AM – Arrival at Station 3 for the Island Hopping

10:00 AM – Start of Island Hopping

12:00 PM – Lunch at Crystal Cove (Included on the Island Hopping)

02:00 PM – End of Island Hopping

02:30 PM – Back at the Hotel, Rest

05:00 PM – Back at Station 2 and pick up Boracay Hop-On Hop-Off card at Southwest Tour office

07:30 PM – Dinner @ Jaspers

08:00 PM -Explore White Beach and DMall at night

09:30 PM – Back at the Hotel

Day 3: DIY Land Tour

08:00 AM – Breakfast

09:00 AM – Arrival at Station 2

09:15 AM – Start of Land Tour

09:30 AM – Cujo’s Keyhole

10:00 AM – New Cost Beach

11:00 AM – Puka Beach

12:00 PM – Lunch at Puka Beach

01:00 PM – Willy’s Rock

01:30 PM – Lambros Point

02:30 PM – Diniwid Beach

03:30 PM – Back at Station 1, Jonah’s Mango Shake

03:40 PM – Rest and Nap under a tree at Station 1

04:30 PM – Bulabog Beach

06:00 PM – Back at White Beach for the Sunset

07:30 PM – Dinner

08:30 PM – Back at Hotel

Day 4: Thrilling Water Activities

08:00 AM – Breakfast

09:00 AM – Arrival at Station 2

10:00 AM – Parasailing

11:00 AM – Helmet Diving

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:30 PM – Back at the Hotel

02:00 PM – Crystal Kayak at Station 1

02:30 PM – Stand Up Paddle Board

03:30 PM – Chill at White Beach

07:00 PM – Dinner

Day 5: Saying Goodbye to Boracay

04:30 AM – White Beach to wait for the sunrise

06:30 AM – Breakfast

07:00 AM -Back at the Hotel

09:00 AM -Check out

09:30 AM – Start going to Caticlan Airport to catch my 1:00 PM flight

My Boracay Expenses

Here is the list of my expenses when I visited Boracay. Hopefully, this will help you budget your own trip.

Day 0Accommodation (5 days and 4 nights)₱1,600.00
Roundtrip Plane Ticket₱2,750.00
Day 1MyBus to Cebu Airport₱50.00
Tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port₱75.00
Environmental Fee₱150.00
Terminal Fee₱150.00
Boat Fare₱50.00
Multicab to Accommodation₱20.00
Tricycle back to accommodation₱20.00
Day 2Breakfast₱160.00
Island Hopping lunch included – OPTIONAL₱900.00
Hop-on Ho-Off Shuttle Bus 1-day Unli Pass₱180.00
Day 3Breakfast₱85.00
Jonah’s Mango Shake₱160.00
Day 4Breakfast₱85.00
Parasailing – OPTIONAL₱1,800.00
Helmet Diving – OPTIONAL₱800.00
Crystal Kayak – OPTIONAL₱270.00
Stand Up Paddle Board – OPTIONAL₱460.00
Day 5Breakfast₱85.00
E-trike going to the Port₱15.00
Terminal Fee₱150.00
Boat Fee₱50.00
Tricycle from Caticlan Port to AIrport₱100.00
TOTAL without the Optional Activities₱6,860.00

What to Bring

In summary, I am glad I was able to visit Boracay’ and I can say it never loses its charm. Sure there are other beautiful beaches in the Philippines but Boracay is different. Its unique blend of natural beauty, diverse culture, and recreational opportunities makes it a captivating and appealing destination for travelers seeking a tropical paradise with a mix of relaxation, adventure, and vibrant experiences.

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