True Believer by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

What will you do when life requires you to choose between love or a career? Are you willing to leave your comfort zone just to be with the love of your life?

That’s what I felt while reading True Believer. It is one of the two-book series of Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, by Nicholas Sparks. It has a sequel named ‘At First Sight’.

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks Summary:

The story is about a New York Journalist named Jeremy Marsh who basically is a writer in a magazine. He writes articles for a living. He travels to Boone Creek, North Carolina to investigate a ghost story in their cemetery. There he met Lexie Darnel a librarian whom eventually he will fell in love with.

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Reading Experience:

This is my 6th from Nicholas Sparks’ books.

I only have one “negative” comment about it. This book is a little bit different from the rest of his books. The first few chapters are a bit slow-paced for me. It’s a short story but it took me a week to finish it. I had to stop in between because I somehow lost interest in it.

What I like about the book is the fact that it has a “Happy Ending”. I’m a fan of Nicholas Sparks who is known for tragic ending stories but this book satisfies the “Happy Ending” believer like me. Very different from his other books that left me crying at the end.

Take on the Characters:

I find Jeremy’s part more realistic than Lexie’s. His life struggles are so relatable. His life and career in New York and his struggle to choose between leaving it all and moving to Boone Creek for Lexie. He worries if he can still have a second chance in love knowing all his flaws that leads to a divorce from his ex-wife.

Lexie is a bit stubborn for me. I got irritated by her in the middle of the story. But I somehow understand why she behaves and thinks that way when I read her back story.

Women tend to think a lot more than men. Lexie was the last one to gather her thoughts and finally decide to give a shot on their love story. A lot of times she’s been thinking and worrying if they will make it. But it’s different with Jeremy, his just waiting for Lexie to say “yes” for him to leave his life in New York and start a family in Boone Creek.

I admire Jeremy’s braveness to compromise to make their love story work.

I’m glad I was able to finish it. I still wanted to recommend this book to those who believe in a happy ending.

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