Deception Point by Dan Brown: Book Review Summary

Deception Point

Deception Point by Dan Brown is a 2001 mystery-thriller novel. Unlike Dan Brown’s previous books, this is not a Robert Langdon series. The book has a different set of characters. Also, this time the conspiracy is not on the religion and art side, it’s with science and politics.

Spoiler alert!!!!

The protagonist of the story is a government intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton who is working at the National Reconnaissance Office. She was sent by the President of the United State to check and examine NASA’s discovery of a meteorite in the Arctic Circle that supposedly contains proof of extraterrestrial life. The discovery comes during the United States presidential election campaign period in which her father is also running. Rachel must uncover the authenticity of the meteorite which will either make or break the campaign of President Herney. If proven authentic, this will help the campaign of the incumbent president of the United States, Zachary Henry. But put her further at odds with her father, Senator Sedgwick Sexton, a senator who is running for the presidency and is a strong attacker of NASA.

I’ve been looking for a hard copy of this book for a long time. Book stores in the Philippines run out of stock so I opted to buy second-hand books, I’m happy I was able to get a copy.

You can get your a brand new copy using the link below:

Lazada link  → Deception Point by Dan Brown
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The book isn’t as famous as Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons but this book is worth reading too. I know there’s a lot of debate or discussion I would say, as to considering the book as the least among Dan Brown’s books. But for me, I enjoyed reading it. I really enjoy Dan Brown’s writing style. He will let you be hungry for what’s about to happen. The feeling that you’re also in the quest of finding the truth. At one point, all the pieces of evidence will point to someone as the bad person, then there’s another turn of events that will lead you to the next suspect, then another turn of events. And in the end, you’ll have the most unexpected person as the “bad guy” – very Dan Brown.

For those who haven’t read the book, I am strongly recommending this. For me? I’m now on his next book – Digital Fortress.

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