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Bamboo Sanctuary

Location: St. Francis Xavier Seminary, Pacdal Liteng Baguio City

I’ve been to Baguio a couple of times before but I’ve never been to this Bamboo Sanctuary which is becoming one of the popular destinations in the City of Pines. The park is located at the St. Francis Xavier Seminary. It is dubbed the Little Kyoto Japan in Baguio because it showcases different types or species of bamboo planted to line the eco-park pathways.

Bamboo Sanctuary – Little Kyoto Japan in Baguio

We decided to visit this place on a Friday, avoiding the crowds on weekends. Their operating hour is from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm. We left the hotel at 7:30 am, took the Grab taxi, and took a jeepney to return to the city center.

How to go to Bamboo Sanctuary?

By Private Car – If you bring your car. Use WAZE and pin “Baguio Bamboo Sanctuary” in Pacdal Liteng. They have a wide parking area.
By Jeep – Go to Harrison Road which is Session Road. There are jeepney qeues there. Ask for a jeeepney that will go to Pacdal. Travel time is 10-15 minutes only. Inform the driver to drop you at the entrance of the Bamboo Sanctuary.
By Taxi or Grab – This is the easiest and most convenient way to go to the Bamboo Sanctuary. We took a Grab from our Session Road hotel, costing us Php 145. So the taxi fare should be less than that amount.

The Bamboo Sanctuary is inside St. Francis Xavier Seminary. We were greeted by the guard and directed to where the entrance is located which is behind the seminary just past the basketball court. This court also serves as a wide parking space. No Entrance Fee is implemented but they accept donations. They just required us to log on to their registration book before letting us inside.

The sanctuary is not that small, yet it’s not large either. The place is not yet fully developed. Maybe that is why it is still free to visit but when it is finished and ready for business, then fees might be imposed.

According to the guide aside from the purpose of helping the environment, this project will also help propagators and businesses by planting and nurturing these bamboos. This 1M hectare project is part of the ASEAN commitment to reforestation of 20M hectares by the year 2020. Amazing right?

This pathway is what we are seeing on the internet. This place is described as “Little Kyoto” on social media. It is an amazing experience to walk in the middle of enclosed bamboo and the fresh air it gives. Truly, a Japan in Baguio City moment.

Before I end this blog, I just want to share that Bamboos are known to hold the soil because of its roots’ long reach as far as 20 km which is effective for erosion prevention and they multiply quickly. They also help in carbon sequestration and in turn releasing oxygen to the environment.


If you have questions let me know in the comment section below. You can also check Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet – Travel Guide.

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