At First Sight Book Review – Nicholas Sparks

At First Sight Book Review

At First Sight Book review while in quarantine. 😎

At First Sight” is a sequel to Nicholas Spark’s previous book “True Believer”- both written in the same year. They are about the love story of Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell. At First Sight is supposed to be an epilogue of the first book, but because Spark’s team thought that somehow it’s too long of an epilogue and will change the first story, they decided to publish it separately. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first book because the first chapter of “At First Sight” is the summary of the first book.

While the first book revolved around how Jeremy and Lexie met, the second book started when they are already “fiancees” and decided to get married.

There are a few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he’d never do: he’d never leave New York City; never give his heart away again after barely surviving one failed marriage; and, most of all, never become a parent. Now, Jeremy is living in the tiny town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, married to Lexie Darnell, the love of his life, and anticipating the birth of their daughter. But just as his life seems to be settling into a blissful pattern, an unsettling and mysterious message re-opens old wounds and sets off a chain of events that will forever change the course of this young couple’s marriage.


My thoughts:


Before reading the book, I got intrigued by the title. I wanted to know why it was given the title “At First Sight” when the story started with Jeremy and Lexie as a couple already. And that question was only answered in the last 2 chapters of the book. That is when Jeremy first saw and held Claire(his daughter) in his arms.

The problem the couples are facing prior to their wedding is realistic for me. I honestly recommend this book to those in a relationship and wanted to tie the knot. Why? Simply because this book will make you realize the things you need to consider before getting married. It tackles trust issues. How much do you trust your partner and how much you’re willing to do just to gain your partner’s trust? A lie is still a lie no matter how “small” it is. Open communication is the key to working on that issue. Always listen and value each other’s opinions.

Another thing is how prepared are you, especially in the financial aspect. Your way of spending money will differ from the way it was when you are single. Your priority will always be what’s best for your family. I realized it while reading the part where Jeremy and Lexie are looking for a car to buy.

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite book by Nicholas Sparks, but I learned a lot from this book. It’s still worth reading.

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