ALICO RESORT AND WATERPARK | The Amazing Mini Waterfalls of San Jorge, Samar

Alico Resort and waterpark san jorge samar
Me and my brother 😎

ALICO RESORT AND WATERPARK is located in Blanca Aurora, San Jorge, Eastern Visayas, Philippines 6707 San Jorge, Philippines.

Another entry blog for our Samar escapade, we are taking you to one of the well-known waterfalls in this province, particularly in San Jorge – the Alico Resort and Waterpark.

Two weeks before we go to back to Manila for work, we decided to have another family escapade. This place was recommended by my father who had visited the resort before for an event.


If you’re not from Samar, the closest airport is Calbayog Airport with a distance of 32 km. You can also take the Tacloban Airport if your route is Leyte first before going to Samar. Airfare prices differ depending on the airlines.

Another option is a land trip – take a bus from Pasay or Cubao going to Samar (Php 1500 – Php 3000). You can also travel via sea – from Cebu to Calbayog.

The municipality of San Jorge is a 30-minute drive from our house in Sta. Margarita. If you’re from Calbayog, it’s 45 minutes. From San Jorge proper to the resort, it took us another 10 minutes.

Please remember that WAZE won’t be of help since you’ll pass through areas where there’s no signal, so it’s much better if you will ask the locals for directions – don’t worry they are approachable and friendly.

Another thing, commuting is a challenge. But for those who are into adventure, ride a bus/van from Calbayog or Tacloban going to San Jorge. Then ride a habal-habal ( a motorbike with a driver for rent) from San Jorge proper to go to the Resort.

Possible Expenses:
  • Bus from Calbayog to San Jorge – Php 100
  • Van from Calbayog to San Jorge – Php 150
  • Bus from Tacloban to San Jorge – Php 290
  • Van from Tacloban to San Jorge – Php 340
  • Habal-habal from San Jorge to the resort – Php 50
  • Entrance Fee – Php 30
  • Cottages – Php 500 – Php 1500
  • Hotel Rooms – Php 1200 for 2 pax / Php 300 for the additional pax
What to expect?

Samar has a lot of beautiful tourist destinations like beaches, caves, mountains, and waterfalls. One of the resorts that the locals love to visit is the Alico waterfalls. Aside from the affordable fee, the resort is also naturally beautiful. I love how it is surrounded by trees. Nature lovers will surely enjoy it.

Upon arrival, we immediately explored the area and found instagramble spots. Here are some of the photos we took. Credits to Photographie de Viseur. Starting with this bridge. Cottages and waterfalls are accessible through this. It has water flowing underneath.

Aside from the cottages and tents, this hanging bahay-kubo is also for rent. It’s so relaxing inside with a nature view from your window and the river view below. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

You can also enjoy their huge swimming pool. They have a shallow area for kids and on the other side is for adults. One swimming pool is in use right now and another one is still under construction.

We spent most of our time taking a dip in the river connected to the mini waterfalls. The water is so clean and cold. Very refreshing and relaxing. They have a life jacket for rent if you are not comfortable swimming on your own.

alico san jorge samar
Credits to Photographie de Viseur

We rented the cottage on the 2nd floor. It’s actually big for the five of us. We have a 360-view of the whole area from the top. It cost PHP 1500 plus PHP150 for the five pax entrance fee. A total of Php 1650 – our only expense since we bring our own food and drinks. Good thing they don’t have a corkage fee. But they have a mini store/restaurant where you can buy food and drinks. They offer mini orders like pancit canton, pancit bihon, sinigang, sisig, rice, chips and drinks. But still, it’s recommended to bring your own food.

Parking space is not a problem if you bring your own car.Overnight staycation is also possible because they have a hotel. The rate of their rooms is PHP 1200 good for 2 pax. Another PHP 200 for the additional 1 pax, if you will add. For inquiries, you can contact their Facebook page – Alico Resort and Water Park

My overall impression? Is it worth a visit?

Definitely Yes. If you’re looking for an affordable getaway with a combination of man-made pools and nature, this is the right place. A day tour for me is already enough. The area has no signal so it’s a great place to disconnect and really spend time and enjoy the company of your family or friends. The resort is in continuous development so there’s still something to look forward to. I also hope they can maintain the cleanliness of the resort.

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