Airport Guide For First-Time Travelers – Domestic

Domestic Airport Guide

Domestic Airport Guide

What to do in the airport if you’re a first-time traveler in the Philippines? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

I remember my first time at the airport. I was so nervous and anxious because I really don’t know what to do. I was afraid that I might miss the flight because I don’t know where to go first. So, this blog is for those like me who read guides online before going to the airport. I wanted to help those first-time flyers to be more confident and comfortable going through an airport and flying in a plane for the first time.

Note that this guide is for domestic flights originating from NAIA – Manila. But once you are already familiar with the process, it will be easy for you to apply it to other airports inside the Philippines.

Let’s start:

Domestic Airport Guide – Here’s what you need to do before your flight.

Airport Entry

You need to check your Airline ticket first. Double-check which terminal you have to be – the reason being is that NAIA has four terminals 1 to 4. They aren’t connected to each other, so best to double-check which terminal you should go to for your flight for you not to waste time transferring terminals.

Domestic Airport Guide

My advice is to arrive at least three hours before your flight. There’s a security check before entering and the line often grows long.

Security Check

You’ll then go through a security check before fully entering the airport terminal. Prepare to show your ticket and a valid ID. Airlines these days call it an “Itinerary”. So if you booked online, look for it, you may have it printed or have a screenshot on your phone. The security guard at the building will ask for it for inspection.

Domestic Airport Guide

Then, they’ll ask you to put all your belongings in a blue tray box and put your luggage and bags on the machine to be scanned for anything illegal. Just follow what they say, don’t complain, it’s for everyone’s safety.


Next is to find your counter to check-in. Check your ticket again and look for the Flight Number. Once you know your flight number, check on the TV screens like the picture below, and look for the counter where you can check in. Or the easiest way is to try to find your airline first (you can spot it directly if your flying via Cebupac or Air Asia – they are on the right side if you’re facing the airport), then find which counter to check in for the destination you’re going to.

Domestic Airport Guide

The check-in counter will ask for your VALID ID. If you have a check-in bag you’ll leave it there and they’ll put a tag on your bag with your name. The check-in counter person will then give you a BOARDING PASS. Don’t lose your boarding pass, you’ll be needing it again when you board the plane.

If you don’t have luggage or bags to check in and you are flying with Cebu Pacific. Look for these counters.

Domestic Airport Guide

Security Check

After getting your boarding pass. You can follow the crowd or ask the staff where to go next. There’s another security check you must go through. This is the most strict security check. But don’t be afraid. It’s for everyone’s security. Just follow what the security team asks you. This is where they will check if you’re carrying liquids, or sometimes will make you remove your shoes – this will depend on the security threat received by the country or the airport. I would advise you to check the airline’s guidelines on what’s allowed to bring on the plane.

Domestic Airport Guide

Boarding Gate

Now the next thing is you need to find your gate. Your gate is stated on your boarding pass. From here, you are basically just going to wait for your time to fly out. Once your flight is called, you need now to board and prepare your boarding pass and a valid ID.

Domestic Airport Guide

On Board

You can ask the stewardess to help you find your seat. You can see the letters and the numbers above the chairs. If you’re not sure, it’s totally fine to ask the flight stewardess.

And that’s it. That’s how you’ll be able to fly for the first time in any airport in the entire Philippines.

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